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  1. I don't understand how people are using palomar knots with bristle, especially the ESP stuff, that knot must be collosal! Especially when a two turn blood knot will do the same. OP go for mouth trap, it's much better than the esp stuff IMO.
  2. It's just much much neater, probably stronger too. And if you are using it on a helocopter or similar rig, it's much safer as no knots for anything to pass over.
  3. I've been using the NGT lead free leader. I find it far more supple, and just superior in every way to any leadcore I have used.......except for splicing, it's a right pain. the best needle I have found is the korda splicing, or purple needle. I have broken loads! I alway make up leaders at home, and wouldn't dream of trying on the bank! I splice 2 to 3 inches, simple as that, no glue, no stitches, and it holds great.
  4. Just a simple 2 turn grinner for me, anything else is just far too big.
  5. If you use a domhoff knot, you can tie the swivel on first and get it sitting perfect before you tie on the hook.
  6. 6! I went there for an 'interview' back when it was syndicated, I thought it would feel cramped with one person fishing it.
  7. That nash video, if its the one I think it is, is utter garbage. 'Prooving' that slak lines don't work by using a semi fixed lead, and non fluro line. It's just tripe. Recently Nash have released a lead drop off system, that is the size of a lead, do when you drop the lead, you still have a massive thing stuck in your line. Those zig bugs, that are just a bit of foam on a hook, for £5. Bags of special carp rock salt. And the new miracle £15 a kilo boilies. They are clever in what they are doing, preying in inexperience anglers that are looking for the next miracle that will catch a fish for them. You know the ones, the people that cover everything in Goo.
  8. My car takes unleaded fuel. Does that help???
  9. This forum can be rife with estrogen at times. In my humble opinion of course
  10. Tbh I don't use any form of quick link, but occasionally use the loop method. Figure of 8 loop is great for most materials.
  11. What an awful rig! Sure when a fish bolts suddenly, it will wack that putty and lose the lead, but what if it pulls away slowly and steadily, untill it hits the stop which would push the tail rubber on further? If you want to lose the lead on a running rig, tie the lead on with a very light piece if mono. you can secure it on with PVA for the cast. Or even better, use the enterprise safe run rings, they dump the lead when it gets snagged.
  12. Initially yes, but I didn't do all that faffing around stretching it etc, just used it from the off. After a few sessions it was well behaved. Much better than xline. It casts very very well, much further than you would want to fish with it.
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