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  1. Only after you have finished the bottle of mulled wine.
  2. they sell it at £12+ a bottle! Of course they rave about it, it's buying them all new Rangerovers.
  3. I've always made it with boiling lake water, ball it up whilst mega hot, either real fast, or with gloves on, it dries to a ball with a hard skin within a few mins. They can be chucked miles.
  4. I don't understand how people are using palomar knots with bristle, especially the ESP stuff, that knot must be collosal! Especially when a two turn blood knot will do the same. OP go for mouth trap, it's much better than the esp stuff IMO.
  5. It's just much much neater, probably stronger too. And if you are using it on a helocopter or similar rig, it's much safer as no knots for anything to pass over.
  6. JRC stealth mk2 for me. fox supa brollies are great, If you get one that doesn't leak.
  7. I've been using the NGT lead free leader. I find it far more supple, and just superior in every way to any leadcore I have used.......except for splicing, it's a right pain. the best needle I have found is the korda splicing, or purple needle. I have broken loads! I alway make up leaders at home, and wouldn't dream of trying on the bank! I splice 2 to 3 inches, simple as that, no glue, no stitches, and it holds great.
  8. I just d an under arm flick, reel in, then a slightly bigger one, just to get the line wet first.
  9. No doubt that goo will catch fish....but it was out long before Korda got their hands on it, and never heard any amazing catch results. Halo boilies for instance. i believe the visual aspect of it plays no role at all, i don't think the fish can see it, and if they can, it doesn't sway them. It is a good visual aid for us though, to be able to see how liquid attractants leak off. I think the attraction is all in the smell....in which case, you could receive the same effects with something much much cheaper, and that doesn't have questionable ingredients.
  10. I never said they couldn't....just that it often causes an argument. We smell bait from the air born molecules.....and a fish lives in water. If something smells to us, it is of complete irrespective. I certainly can't smell bloodworm.
  11. Why are we assuming that an expensive boilie is quality? P
  12. Lets not get into the can carp smell argument.....
  13. Nothing emulates a natural food source quite like a green phosphorescent esc glow The northern lights look lovely, but I don't see any animals flocking to the Aurora Borealis thinking its some kind of food! £15 is better spend on a set of polorized glasses.
  14. Quality budget baits for me. Abs, Trentbaits, Premier etc will all sell you a high quality bait STARTING at £7 a kilo. And cheaper at higher amounts. All have a long proven track record. When on offer you can get 12kg of Catcherbaits boilies delivered for £65! Black crab and fruit, and BS1 have both caught a lot of fish! I don't know of anything, short of rolling yourself for less than £5 a kilo that I would want to be using, but there are plenty of 'cheap' baits I love to use.
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