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  1. A westlake comfort bedchair..... 5kg Munch Citrus nut (3kg Boilie, 1kg pellet, 1kg stik mix, bottle liquid) ALL FREE....off a mate for mi lad Should keep him going, when he starts to come. So he has his Bed (sleeping bag already), Terminal, Bait, Chair (my sonik standard) Bite alarm (My Sonk Vader X) n butt rest, just his rod n Reel setup to get from show.
  2. Yah, Guru....Sonik have Nitro. Think they will end up with there own UK manufacturer for all there Tackle.
  3. Carp Porter, Mainline, who next Daiwa? Kordas own rods starting at £374.99
  4. 🤣🤣, I wish, I've had a few faults, but always been seen right by there customer service. BUT at the moment, I think Sonik are focusing on the more compact Xtractor range, and some of there prices are creeping up.
  5. Really Nick, must have had a very bad experience with them, I've abused mine for last 3yrs.
  6. I wouldn't go down the route of like NGT and alike, for 12ft rods.....
  7. It all depends on personal preference, budget, reviews, feel...etc. I personally use 12ft Sonik Vader X Rods in 3.25 tc, daiwa crosscast 45 scw 5000c qd reels with Sonik Subsonik line in 18lb. It's like the saying "Buy Cheap, Buy Twice" so something half decent is needed, but not to cost the earth.
  8. My park lake is a decent winter water, but I may have ended up on my club lake.
  9. I don't really do Valentines, just a rip off day really, but I have already bought wedding anniversary gift....its 11 years "Steel" anniversary.....so its a steel statue of a pair of hands with our wedding date on....and a Card 😁
  10. No, it's in doors Morris dancing... 10th Feb will be day session, 11th Feb our wedding anniversary, 12th Feb little en has a cup game, 13th Feb little ens birthday (I'm.off work he at school) so day session, 14th Feb I'm 12 hr shift at work, but a Card n flowers will do.
  11. It was more or less a last minute thing, was only going to get a quick nighter in, but I'm.not that fussed really, gives me more time to sort the bedroom and (paint) built in wardrobe. Wife also starts back her Morris dancing season tomorrow, gives me more time during the week to suss out what I might need for when I'm actually 💯% going 🎣....Deffo need gas. 2 dates are planted in stone for day sessions, 10th & 13th February. Then at the Northern Carp Show onn26th February.
  12. Not happening now this weekend 🎣🎣
  13. I'm in t-shirt this morning....bit of drizzle bit 8oC 😁
  14. 🤞🤞👍👍....Thick cloud, overcast, daytime 9oC....Night down to 4oC I wasn't going to bother, but why not 😁
  15. Out tomorrow for my 1st night session of the year..... Park Lake about 3pm, until about 11am Sunday....lads Footy game at 1pm. Try out the New Bivvy n New Alarms 🤞🎣 🐟
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