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  1. It has gone abit baltic now...6oC
  2. I'm out again in 2 weeks for a 48hr.
  3. I've let everyone make the racket to start off with, spudding, casting....I just flicked 1 in margin, then boated the other out (zig)....put a bit of bait in about 6pm, now sat in that....pinned down to deck.
  4. Did have when 1st got here for a few hours, but nothing.
  5. Collecting cheque book n pen at moment
  6. 🤣🤣🤣..... Don't think winning is on the cards at moment....2 lads across the way are smashing on zig....sloppy pellet spod with 4ft zigs in 6ft water....about 10 fish each since 2pm....
  7. Yah, Me too...1st time ever on here mate had a 19lb from this corner....I'm.tucked under 1 of em... 🤞🤞
  8. Peg 21, far side in the corner, deeper than I thought too....I'm backleading now as every 1 thinks it's spomb o'clock so I'm boating my rigs out, nonmore than 5 wraps, hoping they'll come up here.
  9. 24hr Charity Cap Match....was all in for 12, a few fish out at moment, but not yet for me.... I've got no 1 too my right in the nextv2 pegs....then the left side of the lake is not being used....so I've got a good head of eater to myself... Baited both margin trees, the tree just up to the left and 6 wraps into open water....
  10. I get the 6pk of Internet....was in Go Outdoors this morning, the fella also said there selling off Sonik gear (what is in that is it) also the same in Angling Direct.....both said what is inline that is it. Angling Direct got bait sale too.
  11. I use a medium size carryall for all my cooking nessessaty's.... Can probably cook for a full lake how much I take 🤣
  12. Sonik Vader X 2 Rod Pod 2x Sonik Stanz Banksticks (not split stick or Camz, just plain) Sonik Vader X 3rd Alarm n matching Gizmo Bobbin (Yellow) for mi Lad (when he comes) 2kg Hemp 2kg Maize 4kg 12mm Manilla 1 Bottle Cell liquid Syrup Should be enough for this weekend Charity Carp Match (Brain Tumor Society)
  13. I'm gonna go with PVA Mesh Bags of crumb/pellet, small hook baits....May even try banded pellet hair rig.
  14. I think they do push away to margins/deeper water when the aerator is on.... Next week we be there for 10am, draw at 11am, fish 12pm-12pm....
  15. Just seennure pic, looks like fishing well then, hopefully i do OK next week 🤞
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