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  1. I think it's as dear as some people make it, in which ever discipline you choose you have Budget, Middle n Top End tackle. My Tackle I'm happy with now, but I'm gonna look for a Trakker Tempest 100/100T for my Day Fishing trips, night fishing I'll keep my Tempest 200. Bait I'm now getting in Bulk. Venue will be changing from next year, the 2 FREE Park Lakes (small & large) will be fished more.
  2. Still have all the Manilla only, but a water I'm going to after New year reacts to Krill/Crab/Fishy baits ONLY, sounds weird but I've asked alot about it and they have all said the same....No Particle, Pellets, or anything like that....Boilie only seems to be the Aproach, so with the Bio Marine on offer I had to swoop at it, if not, then I'll jump on a catfish water later in year 👍
  3. I've just cleared the local Go Outdoors shelves of the last of its much baits Bio Marine. £37 for Below 😁 10kg 14mm Boilies 1kg 18mm Boilies 1kg 4mm Pellets 1kg Stick Mix 14mm Boosted Hookbaits x2 14mm Pop Ups No Bio Marine left on Shelves...... ALL BUY 1 GET 1 FREE
  4. Exactly, that's why I think I'm sticking to 1 Discipline, even 2nd now are wanting near retail....
  5. I soak all my Fake Baits in Hinders Betalin Gold - Corn, Maize, Foam, Cork Balls, added Dumbells since the Picture
  6. Hi Guys, As the Tiltle says..... Match Fishing Carp Fishing Besides the Tackle, Gear n Bait.....you've got your Diesel, Food, Drinks,....is it a Day ticket, 24/48hr, Syndicate..... What is the Style of Fishing, then can Focus on the gear for the Job in hand....Feeder, Waggle, Pole, Alarms, Method..... Personally I think "Bait" is the dearest expense as we can get to consumed in all of them.
  7. Shimano are discontinuing the 14000 XTD...£120 @ Angling Direct for limited time only, Once there Gone, there Gone.
  8. Shimano are discontinuing the 14000 XTD...£120 @ Angling Direct for limited time only, Once there Gone, there Gone.
  9. 100% staying on the Carp Front now, reasons being..... Can Relax more, Take the Dog n Son when I can, (not able to really when Coarse/Match Fishing), but lad can have a Dabble with his float gear.
  10. Also thinking this, do have a little coarse setup in a seperate bag.
  11. A little yeh, the mate has entered his name in a Christmas/New Year Match, it happens every year on this 1 lake, and also the local club has matches 3 times a week.
  12. Got a few bits, but I'm 1 of them, either all or nothing....its something I'm really thinking about at moment
  13. Mate who had his 2 heart attacks has been given the all clear to drive his own car now, but he's been asked not to over do himself, so he's sold all his Carp gear and bought all Preston Match gear, says its less strain on him. So we've been talking about all the old Coarse/Match days we used fish and its brought back some good memory's of some old course places we used to fish. Gonna put this out there.......I've really been looking at FULL Match Setups and even people wanting to swap there Match Setuos for Carp Setups.
  14. Women Drivers 🙄.....🤣🤣
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