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What line should i use for my carp rod?

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No it cannot be too heavy you just need to use the clutch or wind backwards 

what reels do you have ?

there are 2 types that cover “most” anglers fishing rear drag or front drag 

use this as a guide for the line



a clear water with no snags you could  use 10lb (around 5kg) line 

a lot of bits in the water you may need the stronger line

0.3/0.35 are general all round lines


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It's what Framey has typed - ignore the quoted breaking strain and go by the thickness i.e. 0.40 as Ouch. says . 

You need a thicker line for abrasion resistance against the branches ; a thinner line may well break at the same figure , but with a straight pull on a weed / snag free water .



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7 hours ago, elisabeth said:

Hi, so I have a 3,60 m 3,5 lb carp rod and I was wondering what line I should use to catch carp with it? I bought a 8,4 kg (18,5lb) line, but im not sure if it's okay. I plan to fish on lakes and ponds. Thanks for all. 

The type of water will make a big difference, snaggy, clear, whether you need to cast long distances. 


15lb 0.35-0.38mm is probably the standard, and newer lines co-polymer are more abrasion resistant than nylon monofilament.


I pretty much use 15lb on most waters where I'm carp fishing for carp over 20lb. For smaller fish up to say 20lb, it will be 10lb on a lighter rod.

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