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On 23/03/2017 at 18:44, gagnaccarp said:

nothing brave about leaving bombs to kill women and kids , driving  cars into them , crashing  planes with them in , nothing brave at all , if anyone killed mine I would go after the person or people  responsible , not innocents , and no you would never change our governments foreign policy without extreme violence , that's obvious ,

 and I do have sympathy with the Irish cause , just not the majority of their targets

gotta say gagna, we have to go back to the roots when we look at things like this, a good mate of mine and his new girlfriend were waiting for my girl and i to meet them in a pub in brum before hitting the clubs, barbarella's, lacarno and rebbeca's etc but as we got off the train in new street we were told all station entrances and exits were closed for the night so we had to go home. being in the days before mobiles were widely accepted it was after my mate turned up absent at work the next day that i found out that the bernie inns that i was to meet them in was in a little disaray. after packing in my job that very day as i was working for an irish builder and held him 'in naivety' and his rellies fully responsible for the actions of the perpetrators i actually did a lot of reading on the irish problem and from whence it stemmed. imagine my surprise as i found out that it was the british rampant murdering of their wives and children, the appropriation of their land, the rampant slavery of anyone old enough to work land that once belonged to them. the exile or outright murder of anyone old enough to cause trouble ( the reason for the massive irish population in the usa today) all because of the englishmans greed for a root vegetable, the humble potato. after that i could see what they were trying to accomplish and that in the light of what had gone before. i had to also accept that they had only been shown the way by their oppressors of a generation or two before. we really do have to think about things these days :wink:

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On 21 March 2017 at 08:37, nigewoodcock said:

He was a murdering scumbag steve. Can't believe the tributes being paid to such a despicable person. 

One mans freedom fighter is another mans terrorist.

I don't like what he did, but he was human enough to trade for peace with Ian Paisley.


Ireland was a mess, some of the violence was sectarian Catholics vs Protestant, some was gang warfare, fighting over areas. 

Civilian targets are wrong, but Britain did it as well, carpet bombing, Sunday blooming Sunday! (There were 2!)


Would you you offer tributes for Nelson Mandela? He was classed as a terrorist in his lifetime!


sunday blooming Sunday


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9 hours ago, bivvystreet said:

good riddance mm, i'd gladly have taken a dump in the hole he was put in - justice for the 21

A lot of people in the midlands would agree with that, there are also strong accusations from reliable sources that MM was a British asset, when you look at what his generation did with the republican movement, took what was founded by both Protestant and Catholic Irish and turned it into a sectarian struggle, classic tactics for breaking an insurrection. 

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On ‎24‎/‎03‎/‎2017 at 12:27, Carpbell_ll said:

Well after reading the last few posts i have been listening to these guys, at least the people in the republic seem to have moved on. cracking bit of humor. 


some of there stuff is very funny, "Danny Dyer" and "horse outside" ! some of the lyrics cracked me up , "dads best friend" was darker !

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If anyone can put a name to this instrumental track being performed by the Luster Kings i would be real grateful, don't know if its a cover by them or one of their tracks, only ever heard it on TV shows before.  some of their other stuff is good too, if you like that Rocker Billy sound


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