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  1. From a fish safety aspect fish should always be weighed in a soaking wet sling to avoid removing any of their protective mucus, simply soak the sling so that it's drenched and zero the scales to that.
  2. i forgot to put my biggest purchase in my last post, i bought into a very old school syndicate, cost me an absolute fortune but really worth it
  3. got the email from them this morning, always worry about purchasing them too early as i've seen people pay up before and it only last a month.
  4. Are they selling them for the new year already?
  5. agree with both the above! if i ever return it will be in the depths of winter
  6. may try the fox then if thats the case
  7. yeah i've tried that and just can't seem to suss it lol, i'm going back to plugging a spod with fresh breadcrumbs lol
  8. i've fished it once and was knackered by the end of the day as it's not my usual type of venue (typically prefer low stock natural venues) i found the best tactic was to fish as far as you comfortably can, with 6 - 7 foot zigs and spod over the top, the spod mix doesn't need to be complicated i used a bag of mainlines slop/zig mix and some squashed/flaked maize which was boiled until it was really soft and soupy, mixed them both together and just kept it going in all day. On that particular day red foam was the winner however like most things i'm sure it can change.
  9. i've got the medium sized black ones, to get them to open i have to get them to nose dive and make loads of noise, it's where i've gotten too used to spods which i cushion onto the clip and let down gentle, i'm sure it's nothing to do with the spombs but i just cant get on with them.
  10. nafy118


    KHV is fairly serious and currently no cure is known although waters have been able to recover from it with decent management. perhaps try and get the ticket for a reduced price and hold onto it to see if the lake booms back into life.
  11. i blooming hate mine! the ones i have either open up on the cast or don't open when they hit the water. back to the good old spod for me.
  12. It's good for all materials, it can be used on soft braids to make an acute angle helping the rig to flip or it can be used on fluro type lines to help open up the gape a little as some hooks can cause the line angle to very sharp.
  13. by all accounts the fox int. one is very good too.
  14. i love going into my local for a cuppa and a chin wag, that's what part of it is all about to me and if i feel i can genuinely help someone whilst i'm in there i will. If someone were to ask a question about something or a particular water that i was finished with why shouldn't i give out that advice? If someone were to ask me a question and i just said no sorry can't help you i'd be seen as arrogant and unhelpful, which granted i can be at times if it's clear those people are just generally unwilling to learn for themselves.
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