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  1. I have the rather strange distinction of peeing on a certain well known anglers head, Achie Braddock the the worst of me.
  2. Please try not to think of me as being rude, but I am honest. I take your comment smacks of a townie comment. I am an old man now, I have walked all over the UK, more miles than most, I have cycled as a child and I rode motor cycles all over the world and I have NEVER worn brightly coloured clothes to show up, strange that I and millions of others are still here. There are places where its necessary. French shoot days, work places, at sea, rest of the time its pure pollution.
  3. So I always try to make myself as invisible as possible on the bank, no matter where the fishery is.. People wearing bright colours in the countryside annoy me to the point that when I see roadside walkers wearing the compulsory yellow or orange, I want to run them over!. Summer in the UK does not need a shelter, winter is entirely different. This photo was taken of me on a seriously secret squirrel fishery in the south some years ago, well before the circus got there and ruined the place.
  4. So your issue is poor fluoro,. My suggestion is to buy good quality, I know it costs, but its worth it. I have used Tigerline now for years and It cast well enough,120-130 no issue , if I need further I use bait boat. It does not coil any more than any mono I have used, but I do stretch it out every no and then and wipe it down with a soapy cloth. It needs nothing to pin it down, its abrasion resistance is second to none and its knot strength is unbeatable, hence why I was confused with your comments.
  5. What is this Drama? and whats the heavy clear leader made from? I am genuinely confused, so please enlighten me.
  6. Firstly let me say, sorry to hear you lost a good fish, secondly I fish I dont play at it so my words come from true experience. I have had the same fluoro on my reels for years and not months, I get no "drama's of using fluoro" I dont find "fluoro can be a bit temperamental" and definitely no " inherent coiling the flouro" so you have me confused by your statements. Rigs are always tested before use, but I have every faith in my rigs! and my mainline, I have not lost a fish through tackle failure in many years.
  7. I spend months at a time there and I moved my carp collection to Poland a few years past. People get the wrong impression about Poland thinking that the lakes and rivers are empty, nothing could be further from the truth. Where does your aunty live?
  8. Here are a couple I found in Poland, unfished.
  9. So some of you know I love quiet waters, by quiet I mean I'm on my own. I have found many untouched hidden gems in my life, he a a sample of unfished[before me] waters.
  10. So years ago I did actually behave socially ๐Ÿ˜and in reality I occasionally still do. This first photo is the first time a group of four of us approached a very special lake, we carried all the gear in for a weeks stay, some 2 miles. Sadly the lake now has a road virtually to it. The next photo is of how I prefer my socials now. Incidentally the hat upon the head some 55 years old and still keeps the rain out, it was worn by a well known angler back in the day, he was the photographer in the first photo, RIP my friend.
  11. sadly a lot of those I listened to growing up etc have been laid to rest.
  12. So the lazy days of summer are almost upon us. As I get older I find my craving for long hard slogging sessions on very quiet waters fast diminishing. However my love for quiet waters is still there, just I prefer to do it in a more sensible comfortable way. spending dawn to dusk surrounded by nature and not seeing another human suits me down to my very soul.
  13. Nice fish. I too have fished for big browns, mostly deep waters with salmon flys etc.
  14. One from another season. Dogs learned when to watch the water.
  15. Thought for the day? So sometimes its good to sit back reminisce about past times places etc and let the mind wonder, and the tongue work its own wonder of speech. --God has fixed the time for my death. I do not concern myself about that, but to be always ready, no matter when it may overtake me. That is the way all men should live, and then all would be equally brave.โ€
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