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Floater line


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Not a rig as such but what main line do you use for your floater fishing? And what hooklink? I normally use double strength for hooklink but will be interested to hear peoples ideas on mainline


For hooklinks I use Drennan Sub Surface Fly Leader, not the most fashionable, but it works


Mainline I still haven't got past Daiwa Sensor, and yes, I do make sure that that bit floats :wink:

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I just use what I have on my reel, 10lb Krystonite. I would recommend Maxima Chameleon whilst not a floating line (you can get it to float) it did the job for me for years, I do keep toying with the idea of spooling back up with it.


There was a thread I posted in some time ago, whilst I was still using it, rating it as floater line, Frank backed me up with some test results from various lines stating Chameleon was one of the most invisible. I can't for the life of me find the thread though.


I do have some floating fly line that I have made a rig with in the past, it worked great but I only had it in 5lb so couldn't take it to many places.

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vaseline works,but if your too embarrassed to buy it :lol: then the body produces it own grease....behind the ear is an easy way to grease a hook length,just run it along the crease between head and ear


lol - why be embarassed to buy vaseline?? I doubt there are many people using it for "that" use these days when there are proper lubricants etc all over the supermarket!

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i grew up in a small place called east london,wearing pink owning vaseline and dancing only meant one thing :wink::lol:


Good job you suppressed the urges then Beanz... :lol:




Berkley vanish transitions on my floater rod at the minute. try the pole lines for a tippet. ultra fine and usually clear.

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