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  1. Ey up tim, broke the 50 duck since i've been away? Must of missed the pics Thought all you lads would be drone fishing by now
  2. Sup campers, long time no post, not been on the bank since the horseshoe social and nothing on the horizon as yet anyhow laddos still pulling a few out , using my gear so this p.b goes down as mine ...right? 36.10 from his syndicate
  3. A new p.b for my son today at 24.8
  4. Probably n-trap onto a krank hook.
  5. I'm glad i'm not your brother Those are pants! Optonic G1 deffo worth a look Or go the whole hog and buy some TXI's
  6. pva bags, 4-5" hooklength with this lead set up http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9rz7hoSx70
  7. Plenty of 60" overwaps on the market, surely one would fit ?
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