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  1. They are both good efforts all round. I will be honest and say that both of you aint gonna win any awards with them but they are informative for the kid whos just starting out on his carp fishing career and worth a look. So gold stars all round in my book!
  2. Righto im currently using ESP barbless Raptors but im becoming increasingly unhappy with them due to them not being quite sharp enough, even straight out of the packet. Im now looking for a new hook pattern. Now they must be barbless due to the rules and regs of my club water. I was thinking of the Korda wide gape B's but what does anyone else use and what do you recommend for standard bottom baits and pop ups?
  3. That looks like a coated braid matey! Whats your preferences on that sort of hooklink material?
  4. I know where that is and so does courtz! Thats his neck of the woods and them roach shoals are really impressive. Last time i went to visit some of them looked in the 2lb bracket!
  5. I still prefer to tie my own!
  6. Any of them mentioned from previous posts. It just depends if you have the experience and ability to be able to play a carp of any size without having hooks pull out or straightening!
  7. The words 'instant carp angler' spring to mind!.
  8. Have you done ANY coarse fishing?
  9. Its another name for an helicopter rig. But dont use it just cos its new and in vogue! If you are fishing over weed or silt then i would strongly recommended it but if you fish over hard clear or even gravel patches then stick to the normal in line or pendant lead arrangement!
  10. Well done mate. Its a shame you havent got some pictures!
  11. I prefer to use stiffish hooklinks like Korda IQ or a combi link made from Kryston Snakebite when fishing ove gravel and hard clear patches. Everywhere else i use Kryston Merlin!
  12. Im not being ageist matey! But it is true what you say. 'Yob' culture does tar you all with the same brush but judging by your mature posts on here i can see you are not like the norm. Anyway back to the thread! If any young lad came and asked me for help and advice i would definately help them the best i can. I know a young lad of 16 in my club and he sometimes asks for help and cos he is a decent chap i gladly do!
  13. Amen to that. It gets the little f**ers off the streets i suppose!
  14. The temperature in a lake is seldom the same from the surface to the bottom. Usually there is a warm layer of water and a cooler layer, where these layers meet its called a thermocline. The depth and thickness of the thermocline can vary with the season or time of day. In deep lakes there may be two or more thermoclines. This is important because many species of fish like to suspend in, just above, or just below the thermocline. Thats why zig rigs are so deadly in winter. If you can find the height of the thermocline and set the height of the zig rig accordingly then you have got a very good chance of catching!
  15. Well i use Kryston Merlin, Kryston Snakebite, Korda IQ (but i feel its a bitch to work with) and ive recently moved over to good old Maxima. I havent used it as a hooklink but im gonna give it a go this weekend cos ive heard that so many people still catch on it!
  16. Nutrabaits do it. Try this link, they have their stockists listed. Nutrabaits
  17. I thought the same matey as well. Personally i do like the look of the rig but surely if the mainline parted then the stop bead would stop the lead from discharging from the rig? But then again you could say the same about the helicopter/chod rigs!
  18. I use the ESP Raptors and got complete confidence in them!
  19. tonybranno

    coated hooks

    I use the coated ESP Raptors but to be honest i think all hooks dull over time anyway, even the shiny ones like the Nash Fangs but if you were happy using the Kordas before then use them again matey.
  20. That happened to me the first time i made them. I made a handful up in advance and i threw one in the margins to check how long it took to dissolve and it was well over 20 minutes. Not good really so i make all mine up now as and when i need them!
  21. What is the 360 rig mate?
  22. Yeah, Jim Shelley for a start!
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