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  1. Ian has not done a lot,i would imagine that the lake is pretty much the same as it was when you were last there.He has had water put in on the land,but so far he ahs not built the "toilet/shower block" I had a good look at the top corner last december,the only way that you could fish it is with a boat to transport you over there,ive been looking out foe a canoe since i got that particular idea into my head. Im going to be stuffed with working on the house for a few weekend but do you fancy coming up to virginia for a weekend? ill bring the coffee
  2. wish i had known that last weekend virginia is getting very popular,its now at full membership,ive got a mad idea ,it involves fishing off of the island near the bus park
  3. yeh Ian is fine,his leg has more or less healed,apparently he had an infection that killed henry the 8th. Virginia is verry peggy at the moment,so much so that ive been fishing pingues,the water level is very high so most of the fish are in reedlake and if you cant get a spot there you are stuffed,everyone blanked on virginia at the weekend except those on reed. im toying with the idea of buying a canoe so that i can fish off the top corner. this ones from virginia http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e222/guddler/DSC00409.jpg
  4. yeh good fun but its best to use salmon rated gear for carp,and unlike "floater" fishing technique,you can chuck the bait out a lot further with a fly rod,you can use both techniques,"wet and sinking" and dry and floating" you could also mix it with a floating bait and a slow sinking one,you have to be in contact with the bait and its all down to timing.
  5. coffee,tea and bensons,thats me mate,some guys think im being anti social when i turn down their kind offers of a drink,but its the other way around with me,i become anti social when i drink, so i dont,not even a shandy,i havent touched the stuff for 12.5 years.
  6. there are unfortunately some anglers who are not well mannered,then there are those who still are,i turned up at a lake on friday,i was intwo minds about moving into a swim,i was standing nad having a looksee and the guy who was in the agacent swim said,"if your going in there mate ill move my right hand rod over a bit " no prompting to hassle,just another guy wanting to catch fish.
  7. i tend to go light on the baiting when im fishing,but as i pack up i tend to chuck excess bait in,i hope that it will encourage the carp to feed on the bait that in using,more of a post baiting technique.
  8. i love the look of her,especially the little pink and black nose. as for guard dogs,my lab cross sat in the halway and growled at the meter reader continuously wifey and i were out ,only kids at home and charlie my lab let this poor bloke know that one more step towards my girls and your legs mine ,the same dog gets little toddlers climb all over him and does nothing but take the abuse.hes never been taught to be agressive,he just knows that hes there to protect my girls
  9. from what i can see,NUBA encompases all aspects of angling,game,coarse and sea and it is open to everyone from the UK, nuba is out to represent all anglers who are law abiding eponents of the sport
  10. ive printed some forms off to give to my fishing buddies,i think thats its time for anglers to stand up and be counted wingeing about fish stocks being stollen or Sport England underestimating the true number of anglers by a long shot,will not benefit our sport time to get organised before tha antis start to get serious about attaking fishing
  11. fish finders are a very use full tool for getting an idea of whats in front of you that you cannot see,its causes much less disturbance to other anglers than a marker float. once you have found a few areas of interest then you can stick on the marker float and drag the bottom to get find whats there they have their uses,they do not catch you fish but they do let you see the contour of the lake bed. Ive fished a lake in the winter and i was getting no bites,i put out the fish finder and found that they were shoaling at between 2 and 4 feet,so i set the zigs to that depth,i still did not catch but i at least knew i had the chance of a bite i found a slight dent on the bottom of a featureless gravel pit with the fish finder,i fished to it and had loads from that spot when bite alarms first came out they were ridiculed,how many of you use bite alarms now? thay have their uses, they are a quick and easy way to get an idea of what the bottom looks like and when the fish are not topping or showing themselves,it can help you find them
  12. Hi guys After listening to Keith Arthur on Talksport yesterday morning,i took a look at the web site for NUBA,its all about getting a body together to represent angling in the UK I had a good read at the material on the web site and have decided to join,i personally feel that we need to get organised on a national level what do you chaps think? have a look www.nuba.org.uk
  13. bait boats,fishfinders, now this i bet Nick G wants one from Santa http://www.sandersonproperty.co.uk/index.htm?subj=Carp+UnderWater+Camera
  14. very handy to have an up todate weather window on your computer,it gives all the important info for angling
  15. Heres a great bit of software for watching the weather,it even gives moon phases http://www.download.com/Weather-Watcher/3004-2381_4-10630696.html?tag=tab_scr
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