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  1. Toilet roll, tea bags, milk and gas for my stove.
  2. You could even lightly dust them in groundbait, throw them in the bag then quickly tie it, hook it on, then cast out. This way works for me when i use maize in a bag.
  3. Cheers Gordon, looks like a trip to Holland & Barratt is in order tomorrow then.
  4. Damn right, when i use pop ups now i use it as a single and on its own with no freebies at all. If you add freebies the fish can differentiate between the freebies on the bottom and the pop up wafting off it. This may cause the carp some concern and leave the pop up well alone cos it looks so unnatural.
  5. You will be very hard pushed in making a living in just catching carp! And would you want to anyway, a lot of folks on here see their carp fishing as an outlet from the rigours of day to day life.
  6. Try a zig rig, there will be others on here that can go through it with you. Even though i have used it before, i have never caught a carp on a zig rig and have absolutely no confidence in the method at all.
  7. I use this one and it flys through the rings when the knot beds down properly.....
  8. No its just an idea im working on for a full blown winter only boilie!
  9. Is there anything else i can use to bind all the dry ingredients together in the base mix other than eggs?
  10. I use 10lb mainline with a tapered 45lb shockleader.
  11. If you are hoping to get a good, fish catching boilie recipe from a supermarket at supermarket prices then im afraid its not gonna happen.
  12. Nutrabaits Enervite is only £10.20 for a 50oz bag. This will make up 5 x 10oz, or 3 x 16oz mixes easily. You cant get much cheaper than that and its a fantastic base mix that has caught literally hundreds of carp all over the country! Try using it with a strawberry flavour and a bergamot essential oil, some sweetner and an amino compound such as Nutramino or Minamino and you are away.
  13. I can agree with you on that but if anglers think that colouring them helps catch more then i just dont agree with it at all.
  14. Adding a flavour or changing the size will make a difference but i cant see how colouring them will make 1 jot of difference to your catch rate. If you look underneath the mixer it will be silhouetted black against the sky anyway!
  15. I hope she aint gonna see this else you are gonna be in the dog house.
  16. Thread might do the job but its very thin and will cut into the boilie when tying it on. Bait floss is just coloured dental floss but it is flat in shape and holds a boilie much more securely.
  17. I prefer using maize on the hair myself with a mixture of sweetcorn and maize in a PVA bag.
  18. Same here, just reading some of the crap these narrow minded so called animal lovers type makes my blood boil so i didnt bother to read anymore.
  19. I much prefer to use putty for counterbalancing my pop up rigs and im using Krystons Heavy Metal for this purpose at the moment but the big problem i have is that it takes an awful lot just to counterbalance a single 10mm boilie. On another session this week i was using a 15mm Source pop with a load of putty over the braid knot but the putty was nearly as big as a 12mm boilie itself, it looked like a huge grey bogey hanging on my line. Is there any much heavier putty on the market which you recommend? Because at the moment ive had to go back to using the good old split shot which im not 100% comfortable with.
  20. I fully agree with you on this one, ive seen some right headcases who dont have a clue on fishing or fish care. Thats why i steer clear of backwater day ticket lakes in the summer. I dont want to be labelled them same as these people.
  21. I mean how many anglers are there in the UK right now? And im certain 99% of them care for their fish that they catch. Some of these antis dont really have a clue to be honest.
  22. That sounds a nightmare! Its bad enough with mono never mind braid.
  23. If i wanted to make a really fruity and sweet attractor bait out of a standard and cheap 50/50 mix, what preservative could i use in the mix to make it shelf life?
  24. Im gonna give my target water a hammering hopefully cos im gonna try and get out fishing as much as possible. As for targets, well a 20lber out of another one of my club waters is on the cards plus a couple of individual fish i desperately want to catch. Also getting real 100% confidence in a bait is another, so i know i can take the recipe anywhere knowing it does the business. Cos the year 2008 im hoping to move onto pastures new.
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