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I am after new line looking at gold label pro distance and gardner pro blend light

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I used to use the  Pro clear many moons ago, I quite liked it, I use Gardner hydrotuff now, I don't think I would change back 

I would have a look at any Gardner lines, people always seem to have a decent word to say on most of the range, hydrotuff suits me for now but would happily try others if I needed too for another purpose, I also really like the Kinetic spod braid, 👍

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I honestly can't remember the last time I used any other line than Gardner Pro in light or dark, it must be since Gardner released it!

Richard Gardner sent me a spool for an honest appraisal so I attempted to test it to destruction. The line held up better than I did. 

My casting at Nazeing could be anything up to 150metres, 15lb Pro does it, with or without shock leaders, and a 3.5oz lead on a 3.25lb tc rod. 

The line diameter is consistent, 0.35 for the 15lb. The only thing is that the breaking strain exceeds the stated strain, I seem to recall it was 18lb in tests with a balance and scales, using a Uni or Blood knot. 

Bracken is a weedy water, or in 1 swim I fished, the line dealt with that while playing fish through it, and I never had it give up around the snags. 

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15 hours ago, Carp123_0 said:

Oh brilliant 

What's it like visually in gin clear pit 

I have followed it out with chesties on my current water, and once it is below the water surface, I lose sight of it, tripping over it on a couple of occasions 

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