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Naseby Resevoir first attempt !


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Wanted to try another venue around Northants.


Naseby had some half sharp reviews so i loaded the camel and trotted off this am for a first attempt at Kippering.


First thought on arrival was who's gone and nicked half the water !


First issue was trying to glue my Bivvy down with pegs that were pushed into what is the soft lake bed....Not very inspiring and i have attached a short video for entertainment, I don't mind a bit of wind but it did get a tad ruff at times.


Second issue Delkims were in full song everytime a gust got up so i added 2 x5g weights to each indicator, A tad tighter on the runners with a small back lead and all fell silent, Unfortunately for the rest of the session which means i blanked but if i learnt nowt else its to either wait for water to rise to an acceptable level or get some mega long pegs to keep the Bivvy grounded.





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Respect to you Snoozer for having a go , I'd have turned around and run back home ! .


On your video the res.  looks completely different to the one featured on the Michael Owen videos , no wonder you wanted to give it a go .


So I guess you will wait for the Spring and hopefully the water thief will have returned the water .



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Yep looking at his Vids did give me a slight push towards the venue and what surprised me when i first arrived water level wise !


It's amazing if you consider just how many litres of water it's down by, I don't think i'll return until the water does to be honest :) unless he's caught before spring lol


If you follow my right rod to the tip directly above that on the far bank was 2 guys and one was teaching the other some casting techniques, I bet he's gonna wonder why the distance will be halved when he hasn't got the wind giving him a hand :(





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