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  1. The rubbing is something that does happen, a fish tethered somewhere on some branches will be rubbing the hooklink/line as it tries to free itself. Thus the hooklink with snap. Leadcore and leaders are designed to withstand serious abrasion. What you are doing with that rig is creating a 55lb breaking strain hooklink! I just think its totally unnecessary considering you can use so many other materials for the same thing, which have a lower BS and are less obtrusive and probably wont cost you bites from warier fish. It's very crude. Just my opinion but its an unacceptable rig to be fishing with for various reasons. If I saw anyone using that rig on a water I fish I'd be reporting it to the bailiffs. Again, same effect can be achieved with subtler and safer hooklink materials. They are readily available from thousands of suppliers. Get a very stiff coated braid and strip a tiny section back to get the 'flimsy' section and retain stiffness throughout. Line aligners and shrink tubing can create the kick if you want to use a combi-rig with a very stiff fluoro tied to a supple braid.
  2. unless you are fishing abroad somewhere that has razor blades as a lakebed please DO NOT use this rig, its a death trap!! any fish trailing that will never get rid of it, it'll never snap off unless another fish came along with a pair of scissors. The effect you want can be achieved with plenty of materials on the market which are a lot safer. Personally the rig for my is a multi-rig. simple and effective. I would think any bailiff seeing you use that would boot you straight off their lake!
  3. Its well worth a try there mate, dont seem to hard to find on a sunny day. I don't mate at all as I was offered it in person by one of the PDAA guys. Either contact them or the Nene Park Trust who own the land. They'll point you in the right direction
  4. Give the embankment a try. I was down there with work during summer and saw 10+ double figure carp under the lillies just past the electric cut on the concrete section. three were defo twenties and a small grass carp was there too. One fully scaled looked about 16-17lb as well. Just a shame I didn't have a rod and some crust with me! As said record is 42lb from that stretch. Not a lake but may be worth your time in the summer to have a look and a small campaign. Ferry Meadows is on a limited ticket now, possibly all gone as I was offered one of the last few in October.
  5. I use the SRs for my pop-up multi rigs with Atomic Jel-E-Wyre, and it sits exactly as yours does without the need for shrink tubing. Due to the stiffness of the coated braid, the braid stays straight as it comes out the eye of the hook, even if it is out turned. I also use a hook bead to keep the loop sitting in the right place on the hook shank and stop it slipping. I appreciate its a confidence thing for yourself, however I have caught numerous fish on the multi-rig I use and never had a hook hold that isn't bang in the bottom lip and a struggle to remove without forceps.
  6. Cheers for the advice I'll have to get out and walking once its warmed up and see if I can spot any fish, use this as a starting point and then look in to who I need to pay to fish it.
  7. cheers CM. All i'm after is a bit of sport, not after fish of any size, just a decent chance of catching a few over winter to get my fix. Always heard canals are good winter waters. I was thinking of around the Swan Valley indsutrial area as its easy for me to pop a bit of bait in after work throughout the winter to try and hold them in an area. South of Stoke Bruerne is still on the NNAC ticket isnt it?
  8. I went for a walk with the other half yesterday along a section of this canal. It looks like it may hold a few carp and I'll be down to have a look when its a lot warmer and there's a better chance of seeing a few. Does anyone have any info on it? PM me if you want as I know it'll probably be hush hush. My idea is to fish it during the days in winter for a bit of fun hopefully.
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