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  1. x2 for the bait screws.......
  2. Everyone should read this book. I must have been about 10 when I first read it at school. The next was probably in my 30's and I enjoyed it just as much, which says a lot about the writing and storyline.
  3. Crocs are great. Doesn't matter if they get wet and can be slipped on in an instant.
  4. If you have the time soak it for 48hrs, it splits much better and seems to release the oils more. I have soaked for 4 days before (not intentionally)and it had 2" long shoots by the time it was boiled, still used it over a 5 day period though.
  5. I can't comment about the pigeon conditioner but I use 2 x 20L buckets a week, one of hemp and one of maize. As long as you don't use sugar you should be OK. I have added salt before but it didn't seem to make any difference. It will smell a bit funky by the end of the week as it starts to ferment a bit but I quite like the smell......... Put the lids on the buckets at night as rats seem to go crazy for it near the end of the week. Good luck by the way.
  6. Even the rivers can get busy sometimes.. The wierpool behind me has 8 anglers on it tonight, some were there from Thursday evening to get the swims they wanted for the start of the season. I've been prebaiting a swim for 4 weeks now but no-one's on it the moment so I'm down there tomorrow morning for 3 days
  7. Have you filled your spool up to the lip?? If so that can cause crack offs on braid. Make sure the level of the braid is 4-5mm below the lip of the spool and you might well solve the problem.
  8. Thanks Terry, I had a look round the 2 lakes, they look OK but a bit busy for me.... I'll stick to the rivers for the moment, thanks.
  9. Hi all, Has anyone fished either of the 2 lakes?? I'm interested in Lenton 1 particularly.
  10. Ok, So I had a look on the internet and there to stop rod your rod coming off the alarms when you get a take....... Now can someone tell me what a take is ?
  11. I take it that's Noddy's mate nd not a picture of you
  12. I stand corrected on Hunstanton then (I've never seen anyone fish it though), but I still think you'd have a better chance of a fish at Weybourne. You don't have to cast to far there so you're carp rods would be fine for a one off day's fishing.
  13. Here's a report from Weybourne on 3/7. Weybourne - To The Left Past The Pipe This Shore report covers 4 anglers using 4 rods in total. Start Time 19:30 Sizeable 2 Finish Time 01:45 Undersize 3 Duration 06 hrs 15 mins High tide 23.15 Species Dabsx2, Mackx2, Bassx1 Best Fish Dabs Best Bait Lug Weather Sw Wind Flat Sea Posted: 3rd July 2012 at 15:51, Report No.: 5110 Midfield General Bronze Star bait supplied by Cromer Road. Actually arrived at trimm first of all and tried fishing but moved after an hour because of the blasted red weed. Headed off to weybourne and it was a good move no weed. Had a few chucks with the feathers and andy caught a couple of undersized macks that were returned as the light faded. Then he had a school bass. Then not much until later when myself and paul had a really good quality dab each. Strange how the dab fishing during the winter (ie recognised season) was rubbish with really small fish and now in the summer they are crackers. Oh well. Also tried for a bit with the plugs but not a touch.....Hopefully it won't be too much longer especially with all the mackerel about!
  14. I should also say to fish to the left and NOT to the right in front of the cliffs as it's snaggy.
  15. I really wouldn't bother fishing Hunstanton beach, it's way too shallow and I've never heard of anyone catching there. You'd be much better off driving 40 minutes east to Weybourne beach. It has relatively deep water for the wash, so you don't need to cast too far....... It's fishing well at the moment for mackerel so take some Hokkai lures or feathers and watch how others fish these. If you're bait fishing as well there's a chance of a Smoothound or Bass as well. Try to fish 2 hrs before high tide and 2 hrs after. Have a look at the Leader-lines website for catch reports. Good luck.
  16. I bet he'd be pleased if he'd caught it.
  17. Just add water (lake water preferably), give it a mix and wait 5 mins. Depending on how much water you add you can have a sloppy spod mix or orange size balls that that stay together all the way to the bottom. You can use it as is or add things like maize,pellets etc. I liked to add CSL with the water.
  18. You can't go wrong with Vitalin....
  19. I've got the original as well.. I can't believe they're any more comfortable now. I sleep better on my bedchair than I do in my bed at home.
  20. I wear my boots in my bag.............. I've missed too many fish farting around at stupid O'clock trying to put footwear on and soaking wet socks aren't pleasant. It means you can rush straight out of the bivvy as soon as you get a run. The problems with that are falling over because you're still asleep, severe athletes foot and a sleeping bag full of mud but what the hell.... At least it puts fish on the bank.
  21. Ewe nuts are a great bait, but do read the ingredients label very carefully. I believe some have additives that can be detrimental to carp..... Wasn't there a thread about this a couple of years ago??
  22. There's the Kingfisher lake just outside Thetford..... Just do a web search and you should find some info.
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