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  1. x2 for the bait screws.......
  2. Everyone should read this book. I must have been about 10 when I first read it at school. The next was probably in my 30's and I enjoyed it just as much, which says a lot about the writing and storyline.
  3. Even the rivers can get busy sometimes.. The wierpool behind me has 8 anglers on it tonight, some were there from Thursday evening to get the swims they wanted for the start of the season. I've been prebaiting a swim for 4 weeks now but no-one's on it the moment so I'm down there tomorrow morning for 3 days
  4. Have you filled your spool up to the lip?? If so that can cause crack offs on braid. Make sure the level of the braid is 4-5mm below the lip of the spool and you might well solve the problem.
  5. Thanks Terry, I had a look round the 2 lakes, they look OK but a bit busy for me.... I'll stick to the rivers for the moment, thanks.
  6. Hi all, Has anyone fished either of the 2 lakes?? I'm interested in Lenton 1 particularly.
  7. There's the Kingfisher lake just outside Thetford..... Just do a web search and you should find some info.
  8. As above, no offense intended mate............. Tahnks Steve
  9. Check out the caravan club website, they should be able to give you a list of sites with fishing.
  10. Have you considered the local rivers while you're waiting for a syndicate ?? There's a lot more fish in them than people think and now's a great time to start baiting up for the new season...... Plus you get them all to yourself 90% of the time.
  11. Aah, I think I remember him... Is he the chap with long hair that would turn up for a few hours ( sometimes in a suit ) and fish with mixers on a bottom rig. He'd pee all the bivvy boys off by catching nearly straight away?? top angler.
  12. I spoke to breakaway tackle today, all they would say is that an offer had been made so I don't think it's a done deal yet.
  13. I'd say £400 was a fair price for a ticket if it was managed to it's full potential, wish I still lived out that way.
  14. I always thought it would make a great syndicate.... It was a decent day ticket water years ago until they changed bailiffs. I stopped fishing it when the toerag they gave the job to use to walk around the lakes to collect money while leaving his rods out. He also had a side trade in illegal drugs
  15. Unfortunately, I read The Da Vinci Code because of the hype. I couldn't believe how badly written it was. The basic premise was OK but it left me feeling as though i wanted to stick my head in an oven and turn it on...... But then i thought no, I'd like to stick Dan Browns head in an oven and turn it on.
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