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  1. You can keep a 2 man rubber dinghy in the boot of your car and an air pump that runs off the 12V cigarette lighter. I know a few river carpers that wouldn't go fishing without one. A life jacket is essential.
  2. x2 for the bait screws.......
  3. Everyone should read this book. I must have been about 10 when I first read it at school. The next was probably in my 30's and I enjoyed it just as much, which says a lot about the writing and storyline.
  4. Crocs are great. Doesn't matter if they get wet and can be slipped on in an instant.
  5. Machete..............Just to clear bankside vegetation if required
  6. theobeeus... You are a very rude, ignorant idividual.
  7. The guy was a complete idiot.... well done Ian.
  8. Hey Bald Eagle, I've never had a fish out of the river after October. How late in the year are you thinking of fishing?
  9. If you have the time soak it for 48hrs, it splits much better and seems to release the oils more. I have soaked for 4 days before (not intentionally)and it had 2" long shoots by the time it was boiled, still used it over a 5 day period though.
  10. I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say, What? If you are going to preach garbage about an in vogue bait company, at least do it comprehensibly. Have a look at some of his other earlier posts. They're good for a giggle.
  11. OK..............Carpbell, if you don't know what a pastie is you shouldn't be giving advice to people. I said in another thread I didn't want to upset you but i no longer care if you get the hump. Are you trying to pee people off or trying to make yourself look good? It's obvious to anyone that you don't know what you're talking about so keep your uninformed opinions to yourself.
  12. Carpbell, Please don't take this the wrong way. My original reply wasn't said to try and get a negative response from you and I don' think it could be taken as trolling. All I was trying to say is that telling someone who asks about adjustable zigs to go and learn how to fly fish isn't helpful. Personally I don't like adjustable zigs because I find they can sometimes tangle on long casts (so we agree there) but the OP has started to use them and would like info/advice on usage. 10 years ago I fished a lake (layer pits) that more fish were caught on zigs at distance than conventional baits so I'm happy to comment given my experience. At the time no-one had heard of zig bugs but a few of us anglers there used Boobies as our zigs......... Now they're sold as zig bugs but the way we used to fish them was similar to trout fishing.
  13. So would I. That was my point..... A zig can be cast much further than a fly line, even when using a weight forward line and double hauling 25 yards is about as far as most people are capable of casting, myself included. As for advice is it any worse than being told to forget zigs and learn how to fly fish?? Really.
  14. How far do you think you can cast with a fly line????????
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