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    in my bivvy catching nowt
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    crown green bowls,fishing

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  1. Fisherwick lakes are not too far from you.
  2. Are D rigs best fished with pop ups or wafters? Or can you use a bottom bait?
  3. Is that the specimen pool or both?
  4. tmjones

    The d rig

    Would you tie a D rig using a long shank hook
  5. tmjones

    The d rig

    Whats best, a rig ring or micro swivel
  6. tmjones

    The d rig

    Thanks, thought it was, just making sure
  7. tmjones

    The d rig

    Just a quicky, can you tie the d rig using mouthtrap or is it too stiff a material.tim
  8. Thanks guys, some food for thought there. Tim
  9. Ok cool, might try it next time i'm out
  10. So you don't thin it down, seems a bit thick to me.tim
  11. So how do you make it, I might give it a try.tim
  12. Hi guys i've just had marmite on toast and just wondered if it could be made into a boilie glug.any ideas.tim
  13. A spool of 15lb mouthtrap to try and make my own chod rigs, yay
  14. tmjones

    combi rig

    Thanks nick, i'm just waiting for some mouthtrap in 15lb to be delivered .that should do I think.what length of braid do you recommend. Tim
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