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Sleep system recommendations

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12 hours ago, MRVIIX said:

Hi I'm after a new sleep system around the £300 mark what would you recommend? TIA Guy's 👊 

I looked at sleep systems, liked the look, then thought about the practicalities.

In summer I often end up sleeping either under just a light cover or even with no cover, so the sleeping bag is taken off.

In winter I might use both the sleeping bag and the cover.


Note, in summer I don't normally get plagued with mosquitoes, but my cover does have a mozzie mesh hidden in a zip up pocket.

Of all the sleep system, I think Solar ones are probably the best.

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Got the Solar SP-Tech wide sleep system and more recently the Undercover Pro sleep system (lighter).  Both really good for lumbar support, got the Undercover Pro for £205 should have been a lot more.

Best beds I've ever had, they actually sort my shoulder out, not make it worse - Solar for me! 👍

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10 hours ago, MRVIIX said:

I'm on the look out for one 2nd hand local no stores near me have in stock

The new range is just about to be or just has been released.


I do know that very little of the original versions were left on shop floors, Solar sold that much.


Try going to Solar tackle (https://www.solartackle.co.uk/products/chairs-bedchairs)

and look for stockists


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On 31/03/2024 at 22:08, MRVIIX said:

Hi guys I'm going to buy a solar sp c tech system am I making the right decision TIA 

Best tackle item I've ever bought, actually sorts my shoulder out sleeping on that after a load of casting.

Brilliant! 👍

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