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Vallee lakes France

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Morning all, 

so I’ve finally hit the big 40 this week and the wife and family have clubbed together to pay for a fishing trip to France (so I can tick it off the bucket list!) I’m looking at provisional dates in either June or October 2024. Preferably a long weekend, although id happily do a week, having a toddler at home, id feel bad disappearing for 7 days. 

im looking for drive and survive lake recommendations for a France first timer, preferably close to Calais as I’m travelling alone and am not massively experienced in driving on the continent, that offer long weekend packages, (but will “reluctantly” consider a week package!) that’s suitable for a France novice! 

I was looking at Vallee lakes, lake 1, if anyone’s got any feedback on this venue, id be grateful! 

many thanks 

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Happy birthday week ouch that’s a great present  👍

Talking of presents, On my 40th birthday I opened my card from the Mrs and two air tickets for Amsterdam dropped out 😳 now me and a mate have always made it known for years we wanted to go and I couldn’t wait to tell him we were finally going thanks to my lovely other half. …but ( why is there always a but ) but over a birthday lunch as I was staring into space, daydreaming what me and my mate were gonna to get up to  I came crashing down to earth when I realised what the good lady had been saying for the last 5 minutes that she will have to get her hair done and would defo have buy a new outfit for the trip  😏 To be fair we had a great time and me and my mate managed to go for my 50th   

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