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Best fake corn to soak in glug and other flavors?

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Hey guys new to the forums just wanted to say hi. My question is I would love to soak fake corn in flavors such as garlic cinnamon and really potent stuff that I wanna use this winter. I have tried in the past but the corn never sucked in the flavors I soaked them in and it was a failure. Is there a certain type of corn I could soak? Like can I buy any fake corn or is there a specific company or style of corn that will absorb better than cheaper stuff? I can careless if it's Maize or not any corn will do really as long as it absorbs the flavor well

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Welcome, I just pierced the plastic corn with a baiting needle a couple of times placing the corn in a shallow bait tub with your liquid flavours using just enough liquid to cover then press down hard a couple of times on the corn with something blunt. It seem to suck the liquid in. Got around a dozen in the pot on the go. 👍

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