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Runs waters. This ones for charity...

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Hi folks,


I'm organising a 24hr charity event with some excellent anglers and a few less so... As such need a quick list of runs waters anywhere from midlands down to the south coast. (I draw the line at Thorpe Lea though) Brasenose is favourite for me at the moment.


Bear in mind my carping has always been small intricate waters for old carp of any size, not commercial carping before you start giving me grief! :oops:



Got the angling press on board, now need a venue, please help its for a really good cause



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Come on folks, lend a hand here?

I've been in contact with BCAC for the waters they've used but I'd like to hear from anyone with suggestions. Brasenose, Broadland, farlows etc... Let's have those suggestions in case I've missed a venue.


Its a uk epilepsy charity so crack on, don't be shy



All it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing


fortune favours the brave

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good luck mate, hope it goes well. i aint really got much input for you water wise though although i MIGHT be able to talk the club i am in to close a water for the day? we have a runs water that is a damn ugly water (just a whole in the ground) or a couple of really pretty waters that aint runs waters but most should catch. another runs water we have is a lovely lake but if i can talk the club into closing one i dont think they would allow this one to be used.. send me any info you have and dates your looking at and i will see if i can help. all our waters are near colchester mate. if your interested i will try my best to get it free rather than pay day tickets anywhere else but dont hold your breath on that one lol.

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GazMeesh, great cheers mate PM en route as soon as I'm on a proper computer not iPod! Why do runs waters always look like a hole in the ground??! Owners lack of interest perhaps??

As for dates this is going to be dependent on the sponsored anglers so should know in a week or two.


Thanks to the midland lads for suggestions and input, not heard of earlswood so will have a look, I suppose the venue area will be dependent on the sponsoring team and their willingness to travel!


All suggestions appreciated and welcomed keep 'em coming!!



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