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  1. cause i dont come on much lately dont mean i have forgotten how to use the ban button, i just never knew in the first place lol
  2. no problem any time, and yes YID ARMY lol
  3. hi mate, i am on paxmans and a committee member, have been for 14 years or so. fell free to have a look around or i could have a meet with you and show you if you would prefer. we also have a facebook site which is open to public viewing but only members have the ability to post on there as we want to keep it to members only. arlesford has some good carp, grass carp to 30, rudd to 3 big perch and bream and plenty of pike but double figure pike are very hard to come by nowadays in that water. also have other waters with cats to mid 60 carp to 42
  4. now i would of said thumbnails but considering i bite my nails they dont work for me lol
  5. the back of a pair of scissors, you can buy tools to strip it if you wanna line someones pocket for no reason lol.
  6. i used to fish at cooks ferry a lot, learnt it all there tbh, miss it big time although wouldnt be a nice place to fish now lol
  7. thought it would of gone for more than that mate but still an awesome amount raised. well done
  8. i hope you get some response on here mate, nice to see someone askig for help with opike rather than risking it alone. you could also ghet in touch with your local PAC group who would be more than willing to help
  9. there used to be a few carp and bream, not sure whats in there now, if anything. good luck, let us all know how ya get on
  10. tbh i dont think lawford run the water anymore but they might know who owns it. might even be british rail cause its very close to their land
  11. exactly how i feel mate. nearly sold up a little while ago but some of the guys on here talked me out of it (thankfully) cause hopefully the mojo will come back soon although i cant see it happening more just hoping lol
  12. lol newmarket. i think this is the number for stour view windows 01206 393776 cannot track down lawford anglings number but tbh been at work for 12 hours today so not had much chance
  13. used to be run by lawford. the chairman of that is the bloke who owns stour view windows, cant remember his name but if you contact him he might be able to help, edit, think his name is brian but not sure for certain
  14. never can a mans subtle quotes on a forum make me laugh so much as yours Ian
  15. but the tape can and does move, you could easily be a couple of feet of your bait this way. dont get me wrong i used to swear by this method but since comparing it with the stick method you would be amazed how much the tape will move during casting and the playing of fish
  16. so easy and soooooooooo accurate doing it that way as well
  17. 3 times now a mate has had a fish pick his bait up and come back towards him 50+ yards and end up under his feet, delkims are shocking for sensitivity on back drops when using a backlead, he aint the only person i fish with to have had the exact same problem with delks
  18. can you cast like terry? can you hit 200 plus accurately? can you teach me to hit 150 plus accurately? well tbh a group going only pays one of the top casters in the world and ex champion £50 so i dont think i will be paying you £100 lol
  19. does it matter if your rig is on a weed bed? no not really its only that people lack confidence to fish on one. fish a water that you could, if wanted cast 150 or 180 yards, on that same water boats are banned, what then lol
  20. if you can stick a single bait 150 yards on a tough water then the chances are you will pick up more fish than someone fish 80 yards to a baited spot so distance fishing can and will pay massive rewards. on top of that having met terry a few times and him doing some stuff for me on a fundraiser meeting him and casting is worth the money on its own. top bloke
  21. fox micron m all day long for someone new to fishing, or long termers, without doubt the best alarms on the market for less than £25. in fact better than most alarm at more than double that money imho. banksticks all dya IF you can get them in, sometimes the only way is a pod though
  22. Gaz


    sometimes you dont need confiedence you just need to believe in a method or what someone recomends. i have fished many times and had no confidence in the situatuion yet come out on top
  23. Gaz


    fish one rod in the weed
  24. thats what its all about mate, pleased for ya, another angler for the future
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