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  1. Don't think you will be dissapointed alot lighter than my old fox warrior. Got mine for £70 but without the net float.
  2. Yes mate i brought the EQ last year had no probs with it but then again there aint been many fish in it.
  3. Some very good advice. I changed to the fox fluro a couple of years ago and struggled with it for all the reasons mentioned above. I changed back to a mono fairly quickly and haven't looked back since although I am a bit grieved with the £60 odd quid wasted but she doesn't know that!.
  4. An amazing story of which is an unbelievable capture. Brilliant!
  5. I would say that pretty much sums up my opinion of an alarm and the list. Batteries have let me down in the past, well that of a warning anyway as I always have spares.
  6. Doug that is a terrible addiction you have. I have 14.........
  7. Would give pool hall a miss place has gone down hill since i last fished it split into four pools now i believe. A match lake ,specimen,meadow and the bottom pool which was drained to repair the dam.
  8. I am looking forward to it mate, it's been a couple of years now since i have managed to have a good crack at the pike fishing due to one reason and another. So this year i will try to give it a good go as there are some very nice fish to be had on my club ticket.
  9. Blimey that is rather big. Could quite easy lose a fish inside that.
  10. I would have too agree with you Steve unless you take a scaffolding pole.
  11. Nice tip that Dan much better than the figure of eight knot I have always used cheers mate.
  12. Defiantly a good piece of kit much preferred to the spod.
  13. Yeah, I had a look and couldn't find anything either. Try this http://tcfmagazine.com/news/item/699-bream-record-broken no pic of fish though. Cheers mate, but isnt that the bream at the top of the page? :S No that's a close up of Simon Lavin bream from an oxford pit. But Mark McKenna's fish is rumoured to be the the same fish up in weight from when he caught it in 2009..... I think
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