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  1. Don't think you will be dissapointed alot lighter than my old fox warrior. Got mine for £70 but without the net float.
  2. Yes mate i brought the EQ last year had no probs with it but then again there aint been many fish in it.
  3. ward2k70


    Yeah lovely looking fish, infact from what pics i have seen they all are.
  4. He can be found at ; EveryfishaPB@dodgyscales,com Thanks i just hope he checks his e-mails regular.
  5. Cheers Mufty, just spat beer Yes me too, funny though.
  6. Some very good advice. I changed to the fox fluro a couple of years ago and struggled with it for all the reasons mentioned above. I changed back to a mono fairly quickly and haven't looked back since although I am a bit grieved with the £60 odd quid wasted but she doesn't know that!.
  7. I dread to think what is being claimed lol. I would say 17 and that is being generous but he more than welcome to come and weigh the fish i catch.
  8. Well what a great social shame the fish didn't play ball this time though eh. A big thanks too all the people who cooked and organised the food and of course Chris, nothing but respect for you mate. A pleasure to fish and spend time with you all and already looking forward to the next one, now where did I put that after sun.
  9. Finally just sat down to eat my tea, everything sorted (hopefully). Don't think i have ever wanted a thursday morning to come so quick safe journey all.
  10. He was just setting the shop up last year when we where there mate, Started selling bait and end tackle lot long afterwards....... I dont know if he feeds them on it, but i think I remember Mick saying it was about 7 / 8 quid a kilo, not sure if its any good mind cause Ive never used it.......But I was thinking the same myself about just buying it there if it works...... Handy to know that, Know doubt I'll end up forgetting something.
  11. I can't see the E.A wanting to lose money tbh, so any changes to the licenses will see little change in there revenue income whatever they decide too do.
  12. Yes me also, sorry to hear of you and your families loss steve.
  13. Good luck mate, look forward to the catch reports.
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