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  2. It was obviously said in jest, like a lot of posts on the site, and I don't take drugs, the lake is feed by some kind of in-let, I thought it would be the same as other lakes, such as coombe, which has a stream feed man made in-let. No need to be personally abusive, that was a bit out of line, and nothing more than a slight on me, or was it said in jest?
  3. Maybe on some waters, they have problems with fish health, I can assure you barston is not one of them. yes there is a large number of fish, it's a large river feed lake, the water is well looked after. plus there are a lot of anglers on this site that have been forced at gun point to fish the venue, not one of them could criticize the health of the fish. The stock is very varied in size and species, not all the fish compete with each other for food and living space because of the stock variation.
  4. If I could still get away with nights on Kingdbury, I would of never of moved off Kingsbury, at one time no one was bothered if you done a couple of days, so long as you was buying a day ticket every morning, at the moment, Barston is right for me, besides makes a nice change to actually catch more than 2-3 fish per visit.
  5. Lol, I gotta say the funny look you get of some of the public as they pass by and comment ' nice fish' and they can see you are having to force a smile in agreement.
  6. They just put 50p on a pint of Guinness at Barston, every time I get a take away pint the bar man lets me know it's not the done thing to serve Guinness in a plastic pot... sacrilege. I don't mind a big commercial, I'm not there for anything under 20lb, so any other runs are just a nuisance, I'd sooner get takes from a good size bream or tench, than a 10-15lb carp.
  7. I think that was posted on mainlines FB page the other day, he sure didn't waste any time
  8. Any relation to Billy Lane, he used to look after us when we were kids and fishing the Avon in Ryton, his tackle shop is on the bus route to the river. As for pulling strokes, along what lines? I wouldn't of thought an angler with his reputation would kill his lively hood by doing anything illegal, anyone found to be using irritants, should be banned for life under the animal welfare laws.
  9. That's how I feel just lately, getting the gear ready for a day or two and I'm thinking, why not just go tench fishing on the canal, I have a new stretch to explore, the Birmingham to Warwick in Solihull.
  10. Would a wafter bait do, or would you use something you balanced yourself? not sure what those wafter baits are for
  11. Haven't fished it yet myself, do intend to though, going to do an over nighter this week, probably save £4 and petrol money by going to barston, I will get over there one day though
  12. Could be foul hooked on a fin or tail, then pulling free on the lift of the lead
  13. I thought I would of read claims of wrong uns, or they aint wild lol. When you look into the history of carp fishing, you will see there were very few waters that held carp. Even in the 1980s there was only a few venues for the carp angler, but in a short space of time, every water now holds large carp, stocked? of course they are.
  14. Same as, more fifty waters open to all can only be a good thing, plus there are places like Coombe Abbey that only hold original stock, although I do believe they have a stock program.
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