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  1. GazMeesh, great cheers mate PM en route as soon as I'm on a proper computer not iPod! Why do runs waters always look like a hole in the ground??! Owners lack of interest perhaps?? As for dates this is going to be dependent on the sponsored anglers so should know in a week or two. Thanks to the midland lads for suggestions and input, not heard of earlswood so will have a look, I suppose the venue area will be dependent on the sponsoring team and their willingness to travel! All suggestions appreciated and welcomed keep 'em coming!! Cheers
  2. Cheers Bowza, my mum used to live a 10 min walk away so will have anoher look at those as I'd forgotten about them. Cheers
  3. Come on folks, lend a hand here? I've been in contact with BCAC for the waters they've used but I'd like to hear from anyone with suggestions. Brasenose, Broadland, farlows etc... Let's have those suggestions in case I've missed a venue. Its a uk epilepsy charity so crack on, don't be shy All it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing fortune favours the brave
  4. Hi folks, I'm organising a 24hr charity event with some excellent anglers and a few less so... As such need a quick list of runs waters anywhere from midlands down to the south coast. (I draw the line at Thorpe Lea though) Brasenose is favourite for me at the moment. Bear in mind my carping has always been small intricate waters for old carp of any size, not commercial carping before you start giving me grief! Got the angling press on board, now need a venue, please help its for a really good cause CHEERS!
  5. Needless to say there are none and I never went. it really is grim up there
  6. I'll do anything not to stay with in-laws.... Need a venue for Monday! I've looked at: Wynnstay Bron Eifion Watermark and of course the beautiful Boathouse on RHFisheries but its booked Any other locations with accommodation for missus and nipper??? Anybody with a holiday cottage to let near a decent lake? I'm not talking a runs water though... cheers!
  7. The only time I've fished Nash White choc was as the pop on top of a dynamite choc and tiger. If they're are nusiance fish stay away from that sweet combo!! If not get on it. Learn from the results, good or bad and let us know how you get on. Unless of course it melts and your left with a carrot and a lump of coal... Snore......
  8. Keenook, cheers. Initial order placed with Steve at premier. Let's see how those aminos get on at my new lake, quietly excited about them. Decent bloke too. My mate is also sticking a 20kg order into bait n feed for their mainline deal, as will I likely do too as a back up for lakes like farlows new lake new bait... Bound to go badly for a while cheers guys
  9. 1 session, I caught on a 6 pieces of corn rigged on a short hair. No balance, no pop ups but fed over another anglers bait good luck
  10. Carp will feed up to their gills in silt but if they're noy giving any signs away then they're likely to be a bit more picky. Try a bag of chopped boilie or catapulting chops out. High leakage chops often work well over silt because of their balance, old looks etc.. If the tench bother you then stick to your guns with bigger wafty baits I reckon and if you're using hemp then use it in moderation on silty waters with other species
  11. Don't be so flippant. You've got to be careful with pepperami. It's a bit of an animal
  12. excellent, I'll get in touch with them. That's what google misses! well not now of course it's been typed for the world to see! Interesting to see if those oils still have the same effect nowadays when the carp are used to them. I think it was Maylins book that blames the early oil additives on fish turning off in winter. They become used to the fairweather anglers tipping in high oil (and fat?) boilies during the summer which they learnt to hoover up and live off during the less fed winter months. Think he was fishing for bazil at the time, be interesting sat down with Maylin and Jim Shelley in a room The water I've been fishing is a head banger because it's so easy. 2 target thirties in a match lake stuffed full of mid teens with a few decent 20's. the same 30's get caught at the same time every year on the same bait from the same spots feeding over washed out patches of bait so session angling (2nights) helps given all the trazillion other carp in there. i've tried everything different but the shape of the lake and location of popular swims kills my chances when noddy number one cuts the lake in half by bowstringing lines to a feature point and bangs 5 kilos of "home made" rubbish out there whilst turning his light on to see if they all landed where they wanted them too!! (Rant finished) But with all the recaptures I've had and lack of time to fish through the other fish it's a problem. I'm gutted I haven't had one of them in the net, one lost at the cord, but I've got to stop chasing them and move on. with my knowledge of these 2 fish I know it is time that is my enemy. Hence my request about bait. Without sounding git like, it's the only area of my carping I REALLY need to improve my knowledge on following my last 2 years, that and time of course. hence if there was a local supplier I could go and sit down with a cuppa and bend their ear to maximise my knowledge and chances. Crikey. I went on a bit there! sorry!!
  13. Thanks for the recommendations lads, I've had a look at both premier and bait+feed. Both look good. quietly impressed by the mainline 25kg deals. Thats the problem now, google throws up so many suppliers it's nice to hear what others have to say and what they use. I hate trawling through anything no matter what, trying to find a decent supplier! cheers
  14. I will look them up 100%, thank you. Never thought of old posts so thanks for that too. 1987 saw me stalking carp as a nipper, now I find myself stalking t'internet for info on my mobile! Rather than the carp! How times change thanks all
  15. Cell mate are a quality bait, took a 30 out that some anglers had spent 4 years trying to catch on mainlines. Don't be put off by lack of coconut hit! Google doesn't come with reccommendations that I'd hoped for on here as I don't have the time to test every companys bait... Cheers
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