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  1. Does anyone add any robin red to there spod mixes? I have 3 kg laying around and was thinking of putting maybe 50-100grams per kilo in my mix, anyone had much success with this?
  2. I'm my opinion if I'm baiting over debris like you mentioned then I use half baits as they flutter down much slower than a whole bait ( if using boilies) which gives them a better chance of sitting on top of the chod.
  3. I make all my own bait and only started doing it this year and it scored straight away for me and is still ripping the lake apart 8 months on. The way i see it if its a HNV bait then prebaiting with it will almost certainly work but if the bait has no nutritional value then the fish will recognize this and stear clear of it eventually, but then it depends on stock levels and how much food gets chucked in and how much natrual food there is. The one thing i will say is it takes ages to clear up the kitchen after and your house will stink for days afterwoods, but if you have the time then i would encourage anyone to give it ago so good luck mate
  4. The only "runs" waters i can think of near me in the midlands are barston lakes, earlswood lakes and the obvious one drayton reservoir
  5. Me and a m8 went drayton on friday and was rammed big time..... there were hardly any pegs left at all on the left hand side but we did manage to find 2 empty 1s together 110-111 i think, anyway the water was really low and i had to wade out 15 foot to land and release the fish so make sure u take a set of wellies or waders with you. The fishing was slow to begin with in the morning and early afternoon with hardly anyone catching but as usual picked up around 3-4 oclock and at 7ish had 5 runs in 15 minutes 2 of the times i didnt even have time to clip the bobbin on and it was away. I dont really like these runs waters but i will be doing a night on there sometime in the near future
  6. What sought of size fish you after?
  7. I make all my own bait and it works out loads cheaper i have posted some pics on here http://www.carp.com/carp-forum/viewtopic.php?t=50085&highlight= These were all caught on my own bait and you get a much better satisfaction when you catch on your own recipe. My mate came for a quick 4hour session with me the other day and didnt have time to buy bait so i gave him some of mine and he caught his pb. I would certainly buy sum ear muffs it makes a hell of a mess of the kitchen, my misses winges like hell but i just tell her ill go and spend £50 on bait to feed the fish then instead and that normally stops the ear ache
  8. They will either love it or hate it Sorry, you did ask for that though
  9. Im going to spain in october to see family and fish a lake called torremendo, i fished the river that runs down to it before and had some nice fish out but couldnt really fish the large lake (just under 4000 acres) as i didnt have the appropriate tackle but i do know so watch out mr carp here i come
  10. try a domhorf knot as that only goes throught the eye twice
  11. theres loads in the blythe behind hams hall not very big tho maybe up to lower doubles
  12. I've never fished it before which is a shame cos i live 5 mins from there. I am gonna give it a good bash this year though and try and do the nights at the end of the month which they allow.
  13. There are plenty of clear spots its just a case of finding them. I walked round there the other day and seen a quite a few without the use of a marker rod. I'll be fishing up there on Saturday, I'll let u know haow i get on.
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