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  1. Does anyone add any robin red to there spod mixes? I have 3 kg laying around and was thinking of putting maybe 50-100grams per kilo in my mix, anyone had much success with this?
  2. In underwater 7 they spent 2 weeks on St. John's and yes it was noted that the fish new the camera was there or something was different but after the first week they become accustomed to it. I've watched them all and have truly learnt from them in respect of how important it is to have a rig that resets itself as we all get done more than we think, but no only to reset because of fish pickups but also when the birds have a go at your hookbait or backwash from when they feed over the spot or spook and the bait flys up in the air. To me I don't believe that underwater 7 was completely based on getting there products out there at all as the didnt really show a lot of there products, just what they were using on the day. A lot of the film was about baiting techniques and times of day to bait and how different baits got different reactions and how different fish feed on different baits going as far to say that it would be hard to catch certain fish on certain rigs and baits because of how they feed. I normally slate Korda but tbh Danny has done a lot to educate people (obviously to line ones pocket) but that's buisness and tbh he's done well I just can't believe he never bought the Korda krapper out that I read in another thread.
  3. Come on guys...... Quite clearly danny fairbrass is the greatest!
  4. Sorry to drag this thread back up but what series and episode did Danny catch this tench?
  5. Thanks mate yeah I had just read that
  6. I'm my opinion if I'm baiting over debris like you mentioned then I use half baits as they flutter down much slower than a whole bait ( if using boilies) which gives them a better chance of sitting on top of the chod.
  7. Well I've not been on here for a year and didn't get out much last year because of work and family commitments. Well I'm back at it this year and have managed a 24 hr session this year already and have been trickling bait into a lake ready for a session in the week or even tomorrow afternoon. So far things are looking good this year as on my first session I banked a 21lb 8oz mirror plus A few smaller fish (admittedly from a runs water) but not bad for this time if year. Well I just wanted to say hello and i know its a bit late but happy new year and tight lines to you all for 2013.
  8. I make all my own bait and only started doing it this year and it scored straight away for me and is still ripping the lake apart 8 months on. The way i see it if its a HNV bait then prebaiting with it will almost certainly work but if the bait has no nutritional value then the fish will recognize this and stear clear of it eventually, but then it depends on stock levels and how much food gets chucked in and how much natrual food there is. The one thing i will say is it takes ages to clear up the kitchen after and your house will stink for days afterwoods, but if you have the time then i would encourage anyone to give it ago so good luck mate
  9. The only "runs" waters i can think of near me in the midlands are barston lakes, earlswood lakes and the obvious one drayton reservoir
  10. Me and a m8 went drayton on friday and was rammed big time..... there were hardly any pegs left at all on the left hand side but we did manage to find 2 empty 1s together 110-111 i think, anyway the water was really low and i had to wade out 15 foot to land and release the fish so make sure u take a set of wellies or waders with you. The fishing was slow to begin with in the morning and early afternoon with hardly anyone catching but as usual picked up around 3-4 oclock and at 7ish had 5 runs in 15 minutes 2 of the times i didnt even have time to clip the bobbin on and it was away. I dont really like these runs waters but i will be doing a night on there sometime in the near future
  11. I would not recommend that, the sudden spring back when it breaks could damage your scales. Saw somone break a set of Avons doing just as you say. my scales are pants and made in taiwan
  12. Lovely looking fish especially that 1st one
  13. well i would never give a fish any slack unless the fish snaggged me up thats just asking for drop off
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