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    Old fishermen never die, they just smell that way

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  1. About 6 times as quick as it takes me to set up...
  2. I was hoping he'd leave the bail arm closed
  3. Two world wars and One world cup...
  4. Your nuffin but a load of male chauvanist pigs... Good ait it
  5. Rules are there for a purpose mate. If this guy goes on his own and drowns,are you going to break the news to his parents?
  6. Wow what a cracker and in such a short session...
  7. My dogs are always getting ticks,even though they are treated against them.When getting them off be carefull not to leave the head in. Most ticks live on grass stems and transfer onto a host as they brush past.
  8. Me and my Mrs take two of our six dogs (we have a roter) along the river everyday and feed the ducks with corn. There was a couple of coots that had four babies,one by one they died and they were left with one,he has grown really quickly.Then they had another four and they seem to be fairing a lot better than the previous four. I was gobsmacked the other day when I actualy saw the older one from the first brood feeding one of the babies from the second brood.It was like he was saying "all my brothers and sisters died but I'm not going to let you die" As for yer man,well I'm sure I don't need to elaborate as to what I would do if I got my hands on him...
  9. just had a thought,do you show her any of the remarks we make,bet she thinks we're a right bunch of saddos.lol...
  10. As you say it is "out of fashion at the moment but like everything else it will come round again. Now then where did I put those Lionels
  11. Twice once filling my bubble float,head first. The other time was the first time I use my Warriors,a fish pulled one in Luckily the fish got off and my shiny new rod was left with just a couple of foot of the tip showing.Me and some other peeps tried everything to get it back in,to no avail.I thought I am going to have to go in for it.Lowering myself gently in,the water came up to my crown jewels.I thought,this is'nt too bad and took a step forward only to sink down to my nose,yep I had forgotten the shelf that ran round the edge of the lake...
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