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  1. I only use running rigs forall my fishing ! small leads of less than one ounce. 14lbs main line with 30lbs end braid on a size 6 or 8 hook ! no armoured line (end) unless its for cats or sturgeon. Keep it as simple as possible is my motto ! Line tends to be fluro unless i want to fish on teh surface. with either a pop up or bread /dog biscuit. fishing close in does not need heavy leads and any distance of up to 30 metres the light lead is ok. when useing a pop up . i tend to use a halved one on a 14/16mm boilie ,so the halved popup just lifts the boilie off the ground and no more.. i would use putty if was useing just the pop up on its own. But in this case would use a 20mm pop up but cut in a square rather than keep it round.
  2. Just confirming what has already been said, plain crumb is what is says, plain. Think of it as a base and make it your own concoction, personally I use the following; Plain brown crumb about 5kg (local pet supply store) 3x 100ml of supermarket own brand curry powder Crushed halibut pellets 3ml feeder pellets (local pet shop or 99p store) Tin of chick peas Tin of sweetcorn If I'm using spam as hook bait I'll mince up a tin and stick that in too Groundbait is there to get the fish to home in on the area you're fishing in, get them grubbing around and hopefully pick up your hooked bait on the process. Imagine a single hook bait sitting on the bottom of a ten acre lake, a fish might stumble across it by accident, but put a smelly, attractive cloud of ingredients in the area that will spread out like a smoke cloud and the fish will home in on it from around the lake. Experiment, make up a couple of different mixes and see which one works best for you. excellent sugestion ! gold star mate !
  3. answer is very simple "NO" i heard that companies that make it have got there signed up anglers to use it so it sells. and from what i see of the prices its much too expensive. However i have a much cheaper altenative that wont break the bandk. 5 litres of molasses for £6 . This would inaffect look great to the fish when theysee this sweet tasteing stuff in a cloud in the water. The downside is Do not get this stuff on your clothes or hands for that matter it stinks and will damage clothes if it stay on for too long(take note). 5litres of this stuff should last a season if used as a dip only . i use it as an additive to my spodding too andwith ground bait.. It sticks well to the bait (some say too well) but as long as it does not seap into the bait should come off as soon as the bait hits the floor..
  4. Yogurt cheap stuff (60p) banana (did anyone mention that?) dried fruit or real fruits like strawberries etc tinned potatoes (yes anglers still use them how about in a dip/)
  5. yes i now use goat or country mix at £10 for 15 kilos or less i some places . remember goat mix is more expensive than country mix but its the same thing.. banana yogurt in mixers. strawberry fruit dried and cut up (the same for all fruits ) does not kellogs make a fruit breakfast. (use it)
  6. I tend to use farm shops in essex ( think its unfair to say who in chelmsford but if yu IM me i will tell you) i buy most of my mixer baits ie goat feed, maize, vitalin etc etc from tis shop as the prices are very cheap . even a kilo of £3 is very very cheap. and molasses £6 for 5 litres.. yes and they sell starmers boilies too (cheaper than starmers do) think you wondering how? simply they are starmers they make it for there shops at a loss leader. compared with buyng direct from starmers themselves.. There boilies and pellets are only a small fractionof what they sell to the public and farmers . yes i am still thinking about that one why???
  7. i am now trying Goat feed as a mix for spodding and trying out additives for it. includeing sweet corn and yogurt maize etc etc... Does appear to work but will find out if its better than useing vitalin and bread mixers with sweet corn and maize I wonder if anyone else has used this and what additives they used in spodding ? I saw thisidea from a carp program..
  8. well 24 hour to go before the trip of a lifetime (for me) have i got everything ? 8 kilos of boilies 4 kilos of halibut (various sizes) 300 gram of popups. 8 tins of luncheon meat ,some small amounts of maize and sweetcorn. and about 12/14 kilos of groundbaits 2 litres of molasses 6 small 100 gram pots of hot chilli powder. (carp hook mainly hairs but with 300 metres of 40lb braid to make any hairs.needed plus 2 x100lb kevlar hairs for cat s plus the usual three quarters of an ounce weight for ledgering.. line mainly 23lb fluro but also loaded is 14lbs fluro and 16lbs nylon on spare spool/reel.. 5 carp rods 3x2.75 1x 2.50 1x 2.25 7 large baitrunners one tripod 3 rod pod. 6 spare bank sticks. 2 x steve nevilles plus 3 microns as well. not shure what bivvy to take the Nash explorer or the Atlanta one man Aim is a PB offcourse (no point going is there ?) love to get a 30 lbs (dont hold your breath) a cat (any size or a sturgeon too and hopefully a grass carp too. all pbs.
  9. strange to find a swimming pool at a fishery holiday or well ! Try where i am going Etangs de Breton much cheapeer and yu get a proper place to stay ie a purpose built one bedroom chalet
  10. At that price there is wide range can yu go to harrisons ? See what deals there are on both or have a look in ebay.. you might be surprised to see an 2011 model cheaper
  11. buy the 6 bearing Diawa BRi 4500/500 or even the smaller 4000 a much better reels
  12. Yes "shot" and they make a nice meal too as well.. i take the view that licence dodgers should have there fishing gear taken away from them ... But the EA bailiffs are not helping themselves by not haveing with them a full list of anglers who have a licence and they can easily see whether a licencesee has a licence by them giving there address (with ID).......... But because there union wont allow them to carry a handheld pc or should i say they cant be trusted in giving them back after work (remember the problems MOD had where there employees takeing the laptops home and then promptly loseijg them on the underground or on a bus.) What happened at that lake would not happen if they had a handheld pc/ mombile phone/camera with them.
  13. I know some anglers use slack line methods for a number of reasons. 1. problem with crayfish when ledgering. 2.surface fishing (no float) 3. fishing on the bottom without a ledger ( when useing meat ) 4. In very calm weather or when the fish are not biteing in normal conditions) Slack line is always worth a try !
  14. To me there are only three types of salt "rock salt" "sea salt"and cooking salt .(jokeing!) maybe mr nash has a secret up his arm ! I add salt to my prepared groundbaits plus sugar plus molasses. Sugar i put in "maize" salt and molasses in grounded bread..
  15. Luck sod you have one of there T shirts too. On a more serious issue ,there boilies appear to be very good value. I just bought off the internet (bid) half a kilo of boilies for £3.99 but i had to pay postage on them Dynamite baits..(four different flavours). be useing them as a everyday bait and takeing the starmers (sealed ) to france in late june..
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