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  1. not sure but after they spawn, i'll post a question the week I go ! Tell us how you got on !
  2. not sure on opening time ring baliff Geoff 07889 532563. Leave some for me !!!!
  3. yes peg 43 is on dam wall. cast about 50 yards for the majority of the day but keep feeding 10 foot off the platform & fish it from about 16.00 onwards. I just used 3 pieces of corn & popped up could work, but at the moment the fish didn't seem to be hitting the method ball, thats why I fished groundbait feeder with a 18inch hook length. I did have some fish on pineapple/banana nutrabait boilies & chocolate pop-ups on the bagging waggler but the water temperature governs this method. Hope you catch regards Peter.
  4. thanks for all replies. I fished peg 43 on friday & saturday. I caught 14 fish & 20 fish respectively. Corn on hair rig was the best on groundbait feeder, at distance & also the bagging waggler. The ducks eat the groundbait off the bottom of the float but the carp still come ! I used richworth fruity method mix with crazybait gold, party mix , 4mm pellets , ground-up bolies & hemp. The last 2 hours produced fish both days, all doubles to 18lb 4oz these fish came from the dam ledge right under the rod tip 10 foot from the edge of the platform !!! Keep loose feeding pellets after an initial four balls of groundbait. The takes are savage to say the least & bait runner reels ESSENTIAL or you will be looking for new gear ! Temperature was 3.5 at 08.00 on saturday with a good breeze into the dam wall. It felt very cool !!! I was amazed at the small number of anglers on such a prolific water, 20 max. on saturday. The boards pegs were occupied each day but did not produce. Tight lines!!
  5. I'm going friday 15 april. Anyone know how it's fishing & best pegs ?
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