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  1. I have just bought some MK1 Night Hangers for my delkims, should of asked before l bought but will these work with my Delkim Ev Plus?
  2. Indeed looks a nice bit of kit, especially on a 3 day sesh when the misses is due in a few weeks
  3. Total rubbish ignore her mate okay so youv never been asked to show i.d or anything when bailiff or anyone comes round? Not once, just my membership card, which has no photo
  4. I use the misses smoothie maker and it grinds boilies down to a lovely fine crumb
  5. Total rubbish ignore her mate
  6. Would love to have this banter with someone at a lake, all l seem to get is boozy lads with radio blasting till they fall asleep
  7. Hi guys, lm after a couple of hangers for night fishing for my delkim ev pluses, are the nitelites and nitelites pro the only ones available for the delkims or have l any other options ?
  8. Well l opted for the N Trap, so will see how l go
  9. Hi guys, just wondered if anyone could give me some advice/suggestion for a coated braid hooklonk. I use Korda Sub line Green as my mainline so something to compliment this would be nice. Was looking into E.S.P strip Teaze but have had mixed reviews Mike
  10. This may seem a bit off, but after watching some underwater dvd's l believe bringing the tench in is not that bad as carp and tench do feed together more so than bream and carp
  11. Mate l would have had to just hide in my bivvy, zip it up and just laugh.
  12. I would find this very amusing if he turned up at my lake and started to blow it up
  13. Drayton/Moorlands not fit to be called fisheries
  14. I also have the dome, quick to erect and take down, fits my bed chair in width way and have been in 2 bad storms and had no problems. Built in ground shhet too Only thing l would say go and buy some better pegs as the ones that come with are standard and bendy if hard ground
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