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  1. Yeah, the video was just to show how simple the naked chod can be, the choddy part of the video starts at about 1 minute 10 seconds in. I believe the chod rig is more of a general all round rig than the one illustrated. That rig is perfect on a clear bottom, but can you be confident that it is fishing on a dirty or weedy bottom? The point of the choddy is that it can be be cast virtually anywhere, over any bottom and still be fishing.
  2. I'll second that. However for weedy / choddy venues, or casting at showing fish, "ready made" Chod Rigs fished naked style https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZbO_MuIVKE.
  3. Led Zeppelin: Celebration Day on Blu-ray !
  4. Breakfast: 1 x Cup of Porridge 1 x Tablespoon Milk Powder A handful of raisins Sugar or sweeteners to taste A pinch or two of cinnamon powder Put it all in a medium Ziploc bag before you go. Pour in 1.5 cups of boiling water, place the Ziploc bag inside a small insulated lunch bag (Tesco sell them for 99p). 5 minutes later, eat straight out of the bag, no washing up. Handy, satisfying and relatively healthy.
  5. Personally I would approach this from the opposit angle. First produce nutrionally sound boillies and then flavour them any way you want. The reason that our carp are growing rapidly and maintaining health is, in no small way, related to the amount and quality of boillies that we chuck in.
  6. I love my carp fishing with natural / food baits, plastics or zigs, I also love my pike fishing with lures or dead baits, I'm also partial to a bit of fluff chucking for trout. However I am not a carp fisherman, a pike fisherman or a fly fisherman, I'm an angler.
  7. stickmix


    Very little in the mags that you can't get for free elsewhere. Just about all of the manufacturers have a Tips and Tutorials section on their own web sites, there are also plenty of independent sites with the same. If you do need the ads Carp-Talk xtra is a free subscription digital mag that is mostly ads.
  8. Carp-Zone Barrow Eagerly awaiting delivery.
  9. That's a sweetness level equivalent to 5,000 Hermesetas in my tea, that would certainly wake me up in the morning!
  10. .......approx 5,000 times sweeter than sugar! ...inclusion levels: It can be used at just 5ml per dry kilo of particles. (source: Essential Baits) Soooo......that's an equivalent sweetness to 5,000 teaspoons (25L) of sugar per kilo of bait. Is that necessary or even wise?
  11. TalinĀ® (Thaumatin) is an extract from Thaumatococcus Daniellii. TalinĀ® is a registered brand name for Thaumatin, the sweet proteinaceous extract of the arils of Thaumatococcus daniellii. (from separate sources). The -B just means that it has added Betaine.
  12. As far as I know it's the latch mechanism that is licensed, I doubt if Spomb could hold a patent on the rest of the design (I stand to be corrected on that). Either way, generally speaking, patented designs are sold under license to all companies that want to use them. If you look at the smartphone industry as an example, the patents granted on the multiple components and technologies are held by several different companies, which they then license to each other, even though they are competitors. Some companies do chance their arm or innocently use patented designs without a license being granted, Apple and Samsung are constantly suing each other. I don't think it would make commercial sense for Spomb to grant an exclusive license to Fox, unless the deal was to good to refuse. Time will tell.
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