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  1. I bought the original angling technics baitboat for about £250 from eBay, the best buy I've bought, I don't use it that much, but great for baiting and getting under branches of far distant trees, I get the occasional comment can't you cast [emoji849][emoji15], but when I catch the big fish they shut up [emoji106] Sent from Boysies iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Years ago I travelled a lot whilst in Australia, they advertised a sport that involved using a crossbow to shot at Wild carp in the rivers [emoji30], some were 40+, at the time I thought are they mad, they say the carp destroy their environment, why don't we have this trouble, maybe I misunderstand what the carp are doing [emoji848] Sent from Boysies iPad using Tapatalk
  3. We are concerned about our carp, this is an interesting article https://www.facebook.com/sheilagh.merrett/posts/10153732267767675 Sent from Boysies iPad using Tapatalk
  4. Seen blokes doing it on a lake I fish, I am or was a fly fisher many moons back, I watch them play the fish on a light fly rod it looks great fun, and the take is amazing, using a floating line you strike into the fish a lot easier
  5. Re the marshmallows are these straight to hook and not a hair, I do like the idea of using them, is the colour an issue white only or have you tried other colour, I'm assuming no need for a controller as they stand out on the water Are there specific type of marshmallow, ie make I like the idea no waste eat the one left over Thanks a tip
  6. I won't change the topic, but margin fishing very very close in is another favourite, under your nose
  7. It's the best adrenalin rush you can have
  8. Thanks the info re new posting I thought it had to be a pc or laptop, iPad apps are great but very limited, I'll go on chrome or Safari, cheers again
  9. An interesting topic glad I gate crashed [emoji106]
  10. Sorry to jump in on this how do I start a new thread?, I'm using an iPad, sorry to butt in
  11. Image from http://www.diptera.co.uk/patterns/b/tying_images/baby_doll_final.jpg. I've caught lots trout with this, I can't see why it won't attract a carp
  12. When I started fly fishing many years ago, the first fly I tied was a baby doll, albeit classed as a lure by purists, you use baby wool to tie this, but amazing for catching trout and the odd large pike Great on a zig rig Try a fly rod to catch carp a great fight That Bruce and walker is museum piece
  13. I did that once and got fined, it was an oversight by me, they don't care
  14. The sticks that come with fox pod are to short
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