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  1. Hi Folks,, Friend of mine has just got himself on to a caravan park down that way and is looking for decent day ticket venues around that kind of area, he doesnt mind a bit of drive but not like hours!!,, Anything would be great. Cheers in advance
  2. The fires of hell wouldnt keep me away!! especially with vals cooking you lucky bleeder! Just sorting your pics bud theres lots of em to go through but got some good uns for you
  3. I borrow a preist off the trout angler next door, again its time consuming but also a great stress releiving practice, its either them or the missus
  4. Haha! yea he put all the work in all i did was lift the rod eh
  5. Monday. We arrived at Genesis lakes at around 1pm monday afternoon and was met by Eddie and Val with a nice cuppa, was just what the doctor ordered as i was shattered from being up since 8am sunday morning and had driven through the night. Ed Dave and myself took a walk around the lake and Ed very kindly pointed out a few "well known" hotspots, we then went back to the lodge to sit down and have a gander through the recent catch reports which i have to say had been pretty impresive for the last few weeks. Im the first to admit that this is where we made our first mistake, being so tired we decided to set up right next to the facilities in peg 1 even though the catch report had been good, that night proved to draw us a blank but we got some rest and thought we could re-evaluate the next morning. Tuesday. We awoke tuesday feeling allot better but alas the weather had taken a turn for the worst! It rained pretty much most of the day with only a few breaks so we decided to take advantage of the flatscreen telly and the lodge, we sat and had a few beers and watched a load of films. We again thought "ok we can get going tommorow" as the weather reports were saying back to the glorious weather that we had on the monday. Wednesday. We had a little bit of joy through the previous night resulting in the first fish of our session weighing 18lb 1oz [Pic below] so thought that maybe the fish where in front of us but we were not applying ourselves correctly so we changed up a few bits and went round to put a little bait in the opposite margins this again proved not to work.... This was a new PB and Dave had more results later in the day and night from casting to open water and managed to bag a couple more low doubles and then smashed his PB again with this 20lb 7oz[Pic Below] he then landed a 14lber too so he was a happy bunny. Thursday. Up to now i really had been struggling to get myself into gear, the loss of a nights sleep and the 9am - 9pm of 10 days work had got me more than i had realised and to be honest i was enjoying the beautifull location, the gorgeous food and the superb care that we were recieving from Ed and Val, all that coupled with the fact my phone wasnt ringing every five minutes, contributed to my failure up to this point to "get on the fish", BUT i awoke with a plan!! i gathered up the kit i needed and went off on a wander... Down at the complete opposite end of the lake we had heard and seen carp the evening before and had put a little bait in, so i first targeted a peice of margin just up from this and thought i would give it an hour or 2 to see if it produced, which it did! My first fish of the session came in the form of a beautifully rose tinted common at 20lb 5oz [Pic Below] and anyone who knows me will also know that commons are my thing, so i was over the moon with this ultra clean specimen. I then moved spots as i really fancied getting a bit tighter into a very carpy looking corner which again produced some stunning fish weighing in at 26lb,,25lb,,19lb 2oz,, [Pics in that order below].. Pleased with myself i packed up just before dusk and wandered back up to the main camp. Whilst i was off on my jaunt dave had managed to winkle a few out low doubles but all welcome just the same. Friday. I awoke at around 5am and enjoyed a beautifull sunrise with the mist hanging but with that feeling of regret that i could of done allot more to catch some fish, but in the same breath knowing that i had just enjoyed an amazinglly relaxing week with Ed and Val providing the best company, meals and service i have ever experienced from any lake anywhere. Dave started stirring at about 7.30 and at 8.00am as we were packing away Dave recieved a major singal toner which i hit into for him as he was wrestling with his sleeping bag!! I passed him the rod and just said "dave that felt like a good fish mate" and judging by the little smirk on his face as he took the rod i think he agreed,, about 15 mins later there was his newest PB completely smashing his previous at 28lb 3oz, he was over the moon! To sum up Genesis lakes, its definatly one of the most beautiful locations ive ever been too, that and Ed and Val make this place a special and "must go to" venue. The fish fight like absolute demons and are in immaculate condition. Oh Ed,, you really need to sort out the carp barrows bud we struggled with yours:lol: A Massive thankyou to Ed and Val from Dave and Myself, and i thank anybody who has taken the time to read this.
  6. haha! cocksure springs to mind!! yea you will defo have the crack on the other lake mate, they have some right mad looking fish in there with long fins etc, you will get sick of it after a couple of hours lol! Have a good un mate and if you see bloke resembling Hulk Hogan razzing about on a trike wearing a skull and cross bones bandana say hello to him, hes my dad!
  7. Ive fished there a couple of times mate, the owner is a bit of a pleb but never had any trouble with him, its quite hard going but i managed a few out of there to low 20's using tutti pop ups and tutti boilies broke up in bags. Theres a little tackle shop there too if you find yourself in need of bits and they serve a nice pint of guiness at the clubhouse If you do get a few hours to go on the other lake theres loads to go at and a good bit of sport on a waggler,, hes got all sorts of odds and sods in there lol. Edit: Just remembered mate, if you can squeeze a few hours get yourself over to gunville, theres a really nice little lake there that is hardly ever fished, awesome margins and loads of little places to stalk with some cracking carp in it, ask the pleb in the tackle shop, if memory serves your literally just down the road from it but then nowhere is far on the Isle of Wight!!
  8. well what can i say... i dont know where to start...Im shattered after my drive back, i will post up my reveiw tommorow Mrs_rusheslake your not wrong!!
  9. Adjust your freezer setting, as in turn it down. i had that problem but it only happened to a couple of kilo and i used them with glug so i dont think they were useless because of it mate
  10. Cheers Gaz,, Thats a great write up and i want to go now!! thank god ive got work all day tommorow to keep me occupied!!
  11. Hi all,, Very excited as im off to Genesis lakes VERY early monday morning! I will be doing a little peice on it and hopefully a nice catch report when i get back. See you soon Eddie and Val
  12. Ok so its common table salt, cheers for finding that out. All i will say is yes agreed in a controlled enviroment salt is/can be used in a positive way to control disease and ph level control, but i do also think that overuse by anglers that arent so bothered to try and work out reasonable addition of salt to their spod mix/baits/grounbait could potentially be a problem. Its like anything thats debated about with fors and againsts, hold off untill you have a confirmation either way from a respectable source imo. I do also understand its a hell of allot of salt to go in to get an immediate reaction but what would the effects of prolonged overuse be? who knows! From my days of dealing with tropical fish/cold water fish and marine fish i understand the importance of pH level although thats on allot smaller scale!! Its not just the fish either, i wonder if the raised salt level would effect the natureal food and plants? Off i go Googling again!
  13. Hi john,, Did the koi website say if it was a specific kind of salt, as in specially prepared for that use, or was it just general sea salt/rock salt?
  14. Ok so this has got me looking around on google and pretty quickly i came across this from a guy who i have the upmost respect for, hes been fishing for carp and involved in the industry longer than some of us have even been alive,, including me. Quoting Ken Townley from another forum with a discussion on this.. "I have tried to sit this one out on the sidelines, but there is so much ill-informed guess work and conjecture now being posted that I need to have my say... Salt if used in excess is extremely dangerous, not just to carp but to all living things. Now it seems that irresponsible over-zealous use of salt is being recommended in some of the the mags; I recently saw a recommendation that a couple of tablespoons full of sea salt be added to each PVA bag...That is shocking. Yes, carp may need very tiny amounts of salt in their diet at specific times of the year - post spawning and as they wake up with the arrival of spring - but they can obtain all the salt they need from their environment. They most certainly do not need us as angler to chuck tablespoons full into PVA bags. Very small amounts of sodium salts (MSG for instance) can aid attraction, as they bind to the free aminos in a bait, making them more available and detectable, however, I am talking about 1g/kilo. I am also concerned - especially on small venues - at the widespread suggestion that large quantities of salt are introduced. If there were, say, a dozen anglers on a two-acre pool, each casting a PVA bag containing an ounce of salt every couple of hours, it would not be long before the dissolved salt completely altered the chemical balance of the water, much to the detriment of the inhabitants.. And before anyone points out that I have myself recommended the use of salt in some of my articles, yes, I have, but not what i would call excessive amounts. That said, were I to write that article again I would not mention salt at all. As I stated earlier in a similar thread, IMHO the whole salt thing is a big red herring. OK! Danny Fairbrass bangs on about it ad nauseam but i wonder how he would feel if everyone started using irresponsible amounts of salt at his French lake?"
  15. Id maybe try and source a more authoratarian position on it Gillcover, but in my opinion, Salt being added to bait has been hyped up allot lately by a certain celebrity who i wont name as normally the mere mention of him or his products turns a thread to pot!! I dont agree with adding salt to your groundbait/spod mix as like you say im pretty sure its not good for them in any sort of concentrate,, it does disperse into the water i know and theres already a certain level of salt in most stuff, but id like to hear from someone on a proffesional level what the deal is before i even thought about using it. See you on monday!!
  16. From what i hear its really been stepped up, everyones very aware down there so id think you will be ok tbh
  17. no probs Ash thats what we are all here for. In fact youve made me want to go and do a day back on the method! its such good fun and when you get them going your up and down like a yo-yo!!
  18. When i start for the day i re-cast every 25 mins for the first few hours untill the knocks and bleeps start coming thick and fast basically if that doesnt happen then i would recast every 40 mins,, But as Keenook said if the bleeps and knocks are happening i will just wait untill it stops before i recast and make sure my rigs ok. You do go through the grounbait this way though, used nearly 7 kilos of mixed stuff last time i went proper method fishing, had loads of fish though!!
  19. Yea i tend to use a soft link and then vary the length, Honestly ive never tried it with a stiff hooklink as ive never had too, the hardest part is as syddallj said,, sitting on your hands whilst its bleeping like mad and waiting for the mental one tone when they do the off!! Method fishing is awesome, highly underated and extremely funny!!
  20. pleasure mate. Let us know how you get on with them.
  21. hey Ash, Im not 100% sure which feeder that is tbh, but in my experience sensitivity isnt an issue!! they scream off like nutters so running rig or not you know when its on!! Id go for either the Korda or Fox one, neither have let me down to date.
  22. Hi bud, what feeder is it? fox, korda? the method feeders i use normally go on the mainline then the swivel just tucks into the end when you pull it tight. if you had the bead it would make it a running setup is that what your after? They are normally quite effective just as they are, i just adjust my hook length to see what performs better
  23. might be a silly question but has the ESP stiff rigger got an out turned eye?? i do like ESP hooks but was using the Korda one after seeing 1 in my mates box
  24. hi there and welcome. unable to help you im afraid, im miles away from that neck of the woods, im sure someone will have an idea or 2 for you.
  25. ive always used a lighter mono,, 10lb ish,,, and as small a hook as i dare, depending on what im using as my bait, foam, pop up etc etc
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