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  1. Yea fair point coopsy, not quite as stunning as it used to be, but still holding its weight up for a fish of its age OMG i havent seen that pic for a loooong time,, what a session that was, nice one for posting that up J, thats one of many great memorys from there.
  2. ahhhhh the lovely swanny!! Coops and myself seen him out on a number of occasions quite a few years ago,, hes not changed lol, glad to see him still feeding and looking well,, massive congrats on your new pb bunn, awesome
  3. ROFL i bet he thought "oh no,, its one of those weirdos"
  4. Leggs dont man, you will start something with that comment!!! ROFL @Zammo,, Kant get meself any Kover, Kin'ell
  5. Imagine them banging off the miss....... LEAVE IT!!! amazing mate, never seen anything like that before! thats the new thing ive learnt today then
  6. Agreed there Danm1!! Obese from boilies?? and god knows what else?? Im assuming you mean anything put in by an angler as in spod mix etc? All of which is good for the fish and at the end of the day if she wasnt hungry she simply wouldnt eat! As Danm1 said look over older pics of her and you will see shes always been that shape or there abouts. I know 2 guys that where hunting that perticular fish,, they most certainly were not in it to "upstage" there mates but because thats what they want to do, target the bigger fish, again thats not the way the sport has gone its just the way they want to fish,, other than the lady there are several others in the 40lb region which they want too, im sure they would have a few choice words about that perticular comment, I personally like a mix of the 2, targeting bigger fish and also some fun sport catching smaller carp. I dont agree that carp wouldnt grow bigger than 40lb unless fed on boiles etc, that just doesnt make sense too me. Evolution surely has a part to play? also with the improvements in fishery management the conditions they are in must promote growth? Im no expert! Lastly, gimme a crack at that centre pin and wooden rod combo anyday! i used to trot little crystal waggler down the river on a split cane and centre pin that my grandad gave me!!
  7. No i dont agree flash, its not what carp fishing has become its a one of numpty, its not a common occurance and i fish plenty of very busy waters as someones previously said the majority of anglers are curtious and considerate to others around them, this is my experience which im sure would be echo'ed by many others on here
  8. Was never my cup of tea but i knew a guy that did nothing but surface fishing at night, i used to think he was a bit odd but after i watched him land a few lumps i changed my mind!!
  9. And as you know theres plenty of waters out there that havent thrown up all theyve got, i do believe theres some very large carp that are born and raised here, trout lakes as you said coops are prime suspects for this.
  10. Blimey coops dont know how i missed this thread.. Cracking fish mate and yes you certainly are on a roll!!
  11. Problem is will it be a true british fish?
  12. Blimey! what a session sam,, well pleased for you!! cracking looking fish too, if they dont make you go back for more then nothing will
  13. Not sure about the ducks coughing but whilst we are on the subject,, do spiders bark??
  14. Its a slippery slope from here on in Mr D!! My god, id go nuts if she took me kit!!!
  15. crazedcarper


    Its such good fun there isnt bud, im on my 9-9 week so wont be getting up there till next week now
  16. Its true!! Ian even remembers when they were black n white
  17. Hi Folks,, Friend of mine has just got himself on to a caravan park down that way and is looking for decent day ticket venues around that kind of area, he doesnt mind a bit of drive but not like hours!!,, Anything would be great. Cheers in advance
  18. crazedcarper


    Mint fish buddy great capture
  19. Yep i agree, thats a rare occassion. I would be lying if i said it hasnt happened to me but i can count on 1 hand when ive had that kind of trouble. Carpers baiting day ticket waters should expect that someone may set up and start fishing "their" pre-baited area, you werent to know!!! and its one of the risks you take if thats how your approaching the water, he just sounds like an arogant git tbh. I can understand it affecting you more than most, but dont let it get to you and stick at it, that isnt the state of carp angling today its a one off numpty mate
  20. Its a members only place im afraid mate,, would be a cracking place for a social considering its got an on site bar that overlooks the lake!!
  21. LOOL Id drive down just to see that alone rofl
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