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  1. i've just started using kryston hooklinks and sp far they've been great. use the supernova for my pva bags and i've got the mantis for my coated hooklinks dan
  2. looks like the ghostbusters are trying to get you
  3. think you need to chill out abit, everyone is entitled to there own opinion on how well tackle items work. im pretty sure everyone does enjoy there time on the bank, but would enjoy it better knowing there tackle is as good as it can be.
  4. 6lb mainline and 5lb hooklink will do just fine. thats what i use on my little club water which has carp up to about double and tench roach etc. its got a lot lilly pads and stronger line helps pull them out if they get in there. better your girlfriend fishes heavy and land some than snap off
  5. casting out to open water is the easiest way to do it(if you have the room). the other ways need to be prepared after you've clipped up before fishing. you can place two banksticks a rod lenght apart and count how many times you wrap the line round them and do this every time you need to cast back out. or after you've clipped up you can walk the rig out along the bank till it hits the clip and put a bankstick next to the reel and one next to the lead and just walk it out everytime you need to recast. dont know if that makes any sense
  6. i'd pick a marker on the far bank after i'd found the spot and once i've finished baiting up take it out the water(after everything is clipped up), dont want anymore lines than needed in the water. when clipping up you can use some tape, marker pen, pole elastic, fox magic marker braid.
  7. sultandrops


    hey, does anyone have any recommend hooks and hooklinks for zig fishing. cheers dan
  8. dont hold me on that cus it might be a bit less but i think its around that
  9. i think it was somewhere between 3-10 minutes depending on the water temp but remember exactly
  10. it was really bad, but what bad advertising for his products by showing everyone that his hooks bend on a fish that prob didnt weigh more than 20lb crazy
  11. must have been one of the wide gape x hooks with the thicker wire maybe
  12. yeh just this second finished
  13. best one was on tonights thinking tackle when danny not only told us that his hook bent but showed everyone as well
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