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  1. i've just started using kryston hooklinks and sp far they've been great. use the supernova for my pva bags and i've got the mantis for my coated hooklinks dan
  2. sultandrops


    hey, does anyone have any recommend hooks and hooklinks for zig fishing. cheers dan
  3. does anyone know which lake is the carp lake at this place, been looking at it on google earth trying map it out but not sure which lake is which. cheers dan
  4. if you've got a couple of rig pullas its a lot easier
  5. it will go three times, try cutting the tag end into a point and it should dan
  6. the bead between the lead and swivel is just free running and the bead above the swivel is set high enough so when the lead sinks in the rig wont get pulled in with it. i've only just started using this rig to and been using gardner tripwire which seems pretty good dan
  7. nice one i must have been blind to miss that one dan
  8. hey, i want to use this rig but dont want to use any leadcore leaders or tubing. can anyone tell me how to set it up. only real problem is stoping the flexi rig swivel moving on casting as a bead will just slide up the line. cheers dan
  9. if you take about 4-5 inchs off then by the time you done the hair and the knotless knot you'll have about an inch or less of uncoated braid on the hooklink which helps the hook and bait move a little more natural. but you can leave the coating on and have a stiff rig, the choices are endless and yours to make dan
  10. to get my hair to the lenght i want i always put the bait on first before i tie my knotless knot, i'll strip about 4-5 inchs of coating. for the lake im fishing i have a fairly long hair of about 3/4 inch. i dont use shrink tubing all the time as i use a kurv shank hook like the gardner muggas which i dont think needs it for most rigs. if i do use it then when i put it on i cover most of the knotless knot with it for a little protection, and have maybe 1cm or something coming off the hook. when steaming it at an angle do it the same angle that the eye of the hook is. thats how i do it anyway dan
  11. if you are going to use leadcore then go onto the esp website and check out the knot terry hearn uses to tie his to the mainline. he doesnt splice it at all and looks a lot safer. its in the how to tie a chod rig video. dan
  12. sounds like you were fishing todber. that place has no character at all, its just so bare and boring and i hate looking around and seeing every other angler on the lake.
  13. cheers for the links, i've got down how to tie it and about %70 of the time i can tie it quite well but the other times the knot just seems to slip and come apart under pressure. i know its all about practising but any ideas what im doing wrong. also is the double uni knot a good knot for joining flurocarbon to braid on a hooklink? cheers dan
  14. i've been trying to join flurocarbon and braid using the albright knot and just cant get it right %100 of the time. is there any other knots i could use like the double uni knot. any help would be great. cheers dan
  15. have a look at todber manor. it has 4 lakes with carp going up to 35lb caravan park and cottages to stay in
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