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  1. i've just started using kryston hooklinks and sp far they've been great. use the supernova for my pva bags and i've got the mantis for my coated hooklinks dan
  2. sultandrops


    hey, does anyone have any recommend hooks and hooklinks for zig fishing. cheers dan
  3. dont hold me on that cus it might be a bit less but i think its around that
  4. i think it was somewhere between 3-10 minutes depending on the water temp but remember exactly
  5. would be intresting to hear from someone who has. not sure about them saying thay there will be no need for pva anymore but does look like a good product. dan
  6. does anyone know which lake is the carp lake at this place, been looking at it on google earth trying map it out but not sure which lake is which. cheers dan
  7. if you've got a couple of rig pullas its a lot easier
  8. cheers form the great replies, ithink i now understand. just have to find a bait supplier now cheers dan
  9. it will go three times, try cutting the tag end into a point and it should dan
  10. is there anyway of seeing the range of baits before the website is complete?? cheers dan
  11. cheers for the replies fellas. just an other quick one. when ordering frozen baits online how do they get the baits to you still frozen?? cheers dan
  12. the bead between the lead and swivel is just free running and the bead above the swivel is set high enough so when the lead sinks in the rig wont get pulled in with it. i've only just started using this rig to and been using gardner tripwire which seems pretty good dan
  13. for some reason i can get my head around how to use frozen baits. can someone please explain. say i've got my baits in the freezer and i want to go on and day session or even a afternoon, what do i do with the baits when fishing and then after fishing. is it a good idea to get a bait bag? cheers dan
  14. anyone else have trouble when they go on the nene valley website cus when i do none of the limks work. dan
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