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  1. http://www.nbricestainless.co.uk/ his carbon banksticks are lovely mate
  2. opps just read the above post and noticed that is what you did good call on the choice of kit ! how do you find them rods i have had mixed revies on soniks ?
  3. My advice is steer clear of the Fox reels, i tried a set when they first came out for a season i had the 1200fs mags 300- 350 odd quid each a reel i think they were at the time!! they spent more time at Fox being repaired then they went out fishing. always clicker springs and for someone who manufactures quality springs for a living and being 10 mins down the road from fox this was obviously very frustrating ! i would often turn up at there offices on a monday morning reel in hand and blag my way into reception then inform them i would only leave once it was repaired or replaced !! your money would be better spent with a company that producess reels for a living like Diawa or shimano in my honest opnion!
  4. i won one at our syndi bbq raffle in the summer, it looks alright but haven't used it, nice bit of kit but pretty hefty and i really have no need to carry that many rods. will probably use it when i fish abroad as it offers more protection than my Aqua Not a great review i know
  5. No problem at all, and thank you for you kind offer
  6. The Catla is very similer to Simaese Carp in look but is a diffrent fish altogether. The maximem recorded weight of the Catla is 38.6 Kg. only and the IGFA world record is 15.17 kg (33 lb 7 oz) from Theerasart , Thailand in name of Mr. Jean-Francois Helias, so the above fish and many more caught by me are technically, world record fishes. I have followed your exploites in Thailand, and your Simaese Carp is no meen fish. I target these fishes, and many others, using a home made method feeder, combined with a pop up, critically balanced hair rig. It took me more than two years to crack the code to target these fishes. I appriciate your concern, slimysime but unfortunatly, Here in India, advance Carp asseseries are not available. Any idea, how to make one at home. I tried using Rubber Sheet but it becomes to sllipery to controle the fish. Any advice will be appriciated. Regards from India. Ali. Mate, i have an old mat in my shed, if you are happy to pm me your address i will send it to you for Free. how about that and cracking fish by the way !!
  7. http://www.dymagtackle.co.uk/site/products/mobile/mobile.htm not sure if im allowed to post this or not im sure the powers that be will remove it if necessary is this the kind of thing your looking for not sure on the price but a lovely looking bit of kit
  8. Dominos deliver to the car park, you can pick up a menu when you go to get more Larger, Mr R Sole
  9. there be doing a sofa and coffee table next !
  10. good effort mate, well done i rekon at a glance and a random guess.......................................34lb. 4oz anyone else for a guess
  11. mozi candle and headtorch when needed for me! or a t light if its winter and dont really need mozi candle, it more romantic that way when the boys pop round for a cuppa
  12. Baircraft have been around for a few years now fella, they make a good quality lovely smelling bait. i was on the T1 about 4 seasons ago and it produced me some good fish on some tricky waters. Not sure about the other two they offer the super K and Halo as i have never seen em in the flesh. The old cow cola is a nice smelling glug as well that goes with the T1. all in all a decent bait that will hold its own on any venue. if my relashonship with another bait company fell free i would seriously consider geteing back on the baitcraft !
  13. someone rung the bell to say dinner time !! but as already stated, feeding times and coincidence! would have played a major part.
  14. i agree with both opinions above! club waters and day tickets i will tell you what u need to know to catch fish as long as i know myself. Both of my syndicates are a differant matter, dont get me wrong come round for a cuppa and a chat they are both pretty social but at the same time everyone knows who's fishing with who and those that are on particular baits but people are baiting spots with others or own there own and spending alot of time putting alot of effort in and therfore are not going to give away the spots they are fishing or have created. In my opinion keep it social have a chat offer em a brew but dont expect to much when it comes to were you should be putting your rigs!! and maybe next season your get to know these guys better and who knows what it may leed to !! i also agree there are simply just some rude people out there and in all fairness ur better off without them!!
  15. Fox amour points without a doubt
  16. i like my quality gear but i couldn't give two flying whatsits what people think of my apperance, i travel pretty light infact i haven't even put my brolly up in the uk since about March time choosing to sleep under the stars on my overnighters ! i think it really boils down to peoples personalities in general. i know plenty of people who have top end gear and sets up worth a fortune but they dont brag about it or try to show it off they just apprieciate quality, and enjoy using that particular product, but there is always the odd few who will judge you by how your gear looks how its set up ect, thinking cash puts carp on the bank. we all know this is not the case. Enjoy your fishing and put carp on the bank and people will respect you as an angler and not be in a position to judge you on your gear and setup Dan
  17. i dont have Korda stows but i do have a set of elstow under the counter jobs, i have been using these bobbins all season and to be honest dont know how i have gone so long without them, wish i would have got on them years ago!! i pimped them up a bit with solar magnetic hockey sticks matrix rubber washers and solar dacron cord stainless. the sensativity that these bobbins offer is second to none and i can safely say that i have landed a couple of fish that i wouldn't have done before i was using them, just one bleep on the alarm and sat there watching the bobbins showing the slightest of movement, that i dont believe would have been achieved with a heavier bobbin, i have definalty not used another set of bobbins that have offered such sensetivity !! As for them coming out the clip with liners, i have heared that Korda stows have had this problem but i haven't experienced this with the ones i am using.
  19. i would have flipped and very likely that he would have gone for a swim to sober himself up. i think that ultimatly the fault lies with the owners of the property as they have allowed him access !! i would consider getting some legel advice on this one and if you have the drunks name then consider reporting him to the local police for Criminal Damage and see what they say. otherwise you could tell him that you are going to report him to the police for the above and see how he reacts, or maybe small claims court could be an option whatever you do good luck !
  20. accuweather definatly the best out of all of them and better than Met Office
  21. im not a fan of re-freezing, how long do you think it will be before your next session ? are they in an airdry bag all ready?
  22. good fishing fella, well done !!
  23. Kind of my point i guess i never used to have "Fishing clothing" probably because there never used to be Fishing "related clothing" and im pretty sure i used to catch more 20 years ago than i do now but people must be buying the stuff to make companies like Diem create the brand awarness that they already have and for these newer companies to be starting up!! ive been to tackle shops over the last couple of years that have had clothing sections bigger than some tackle shops. i guess in a way its a way of belonging to a certain group and showing your part of that following or something like that anyway !
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