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  1. Hi Yes I remember that wall , I think it leant over at an angle ? . The wall could have indeed been to divert water into the Bottom Lake . I don't blame you for not wanting to Winter Carp Fish the Bottom Lake I remember it as rather dark and uninviting even during the Summer , in Winter I think it would be really cold , damp and depressing , probably full of leaves breaking down and giving off gasses . I hope to see a 'photo of you with a Danbury Lake carp before March . All the best .
  2. Well we are talking about coming up to 40 years ago . I can still remember float fishing sweetcorn on the far bank of the smallest / Bottom Lake - it's probably classed as out of bounds now , but in those days there never really were any proper swims as such . Anyway on that evening I had caught a Rudd , then I hooked the big 15lb ish Mirror which calmly swam all around the lake . This wasn't really a problem as no one else was fishing there so no lines to avoid , and no snags as such , but it didn't help my nerves on my float rod and low breaking strain ( 4lb ? ) line . I had no scales , and had to run to a nearby phone box to call my Dad to come and take a 'photo , and then use my front bike light so my Dad could see to take the 'photo . Do you know Sandford Mill , Sandon ( or would it be Gt. Baddow ) ? . The road runs downhill past the entrance to Manor Farm and comes to a dead end by the Water Works unless you are on foot / cycling then you can cross the bridge over a backwater of the River Chelmer . Anyway the lake nearest Manor Farm house is the one I think the Danbury Lake carp were moved to . Yes I understand The Mill is a syndicate . If you do get to fish the Bottom Lake I remember fishing to a fallen tree by some overhanging rhododendrons in the top right hand corner .
  3. Blimey Danbury Lakes , that takes me back ! . I first fished there when I was probably 11 or 12 ; I don't know when I stopped possibly when I got my first car at 17 / 18 . When I first started fishing there it was for Roach and Gudgeon in the Top or Car Park Lake . Later it was ledgering for Bream in the Middle Lake , with the chance of a large Crucian . Then finally it was for Carp in the Bottom Lake , with the large Rudd . I have a 'photo of me with what was at the time my biggest fish , a Mirror Carp - I was so excited I forgot to weigh it ! . I'm guessing it would have been around 15lb . Later I caught a few more around 5lb float fishing luncheon meat . I heard a story around the time 2 of the 3 lakes were closed to Anglers that the fish ( well the large Carp anyway ) were transfered to what was Manor Farm Bottom Lake in Gt. Baddow - I think it's now called The Mill .
  4. I was just about to ask the question - " where are the Carp , still in shallowish water , or have they started to slide off to the deeper water , because I can't seem to find them , or if they are where I have cast they are not blinking biting ? " , when I saw this thread . I can't remember who suggested it ( Newmarket ? ) , but 2 out of 3 of my last sessions were with a Northerly breeze , so when what wind there was swung around to the South I thought " this is it " - it wasn't . Usually after a hot , windless August , September brings big South Westerlys that oxgenate the water and shake things up , but apart from Newmarket in " Chicago " ( that'll teach him to live in Essex ! ) I don't remember any big winds . I guess that although it's unseasonably hot , the fish know it's Autumn because of the reduced daylight hours , and so are starting to slow down / stopped dead ! . It's very helpful to learn that I am not alone in my struggles to get a bite , at least it has stopped me fiddling unecessarily with my rig and / or change my bait .
  5. Hi Essex carper I'm surprised Nick hasn't been along to help you as I'm sure he has had a campaign on Ardleigh in the past - I guess he's busy .
  6. I have a spool of the Light Blend , and I was thinking about getting a spool of the Dark Blend , but I notice that Richard Gardner has Darth Vader as his Avatar ! . Dare I go over to the Dark Side ? ! .
  7. Hi Is anyone fishing The Nunnery ? . Perhaps adders60 ? . If anyone is fishing there perhaps they could post a review . Ta
  8. Thanks Mozibay . I took one of my rods out of its' padded sleeve , put it together and noticed the hook point of the Medium Curve Shank had " turned over " . So what with your comment on how you have had this brand of hook open up on you Mozibay I'll be keeping a close watch on them .
  9. Thanks Kev. When I went to my local tackle shop to buy my first pack I was told that these new Ace hooks were the best selling hooks they had ever stocked , so I was expecting something super wonderful . The Curves may well " spin " without the need for a kicker ( I've only just started using them ) , but I wouldn't say they are definitely the sharpest hook I have ever used . So I may well have to keep using the JAG files ! .
  10. Hi B.B. I think it was this week someone started a thread about a syndicate at Swan Lake , Hatfield Peverel .
  11. Thanks for your helpful comments fellas .
  12. Thanks Blank . I have been sharpening my hooks with the Jag files , but I'm wondering now if I've been caught up by possible marketing hype ; and hooks like the Ace range are already sharp enough especially as I'm fishing in the margins or only a few rod lengths out ? .
  13. Hi Has anyone used these hooks , particularly the Medium Curve Shank , and if so what do you think of them please ? . Ta .
  14. Cheers Nick . I might take a couple of mates and spread the cost , or I could go for the Traditional Lake as I like to fish close in to a feature - lilies , reeds etc.
  15. Thanks Nick . Have you Nick , or anyone on the forum fished Jacobs Creek please ? - I have heard the weed can make it a real struggle to fish . Ta
  16. Hi Nick Could you take the time please to give YOUR opinion on the different lakes at SWP , it would be much better than any official version . Ta .
  17. Thanks fellas , especially you Nick - I knew you would help .
  18. Hi Everyone I 've heard stories about The Back Lake at Melton - rats , bad lads etc . Is there any truth in these stories , or would I be perfectly safe fishing on my own during the day ? . Ta .
  19. Hello everyone Has anyone ( probably Nick ) used Kryston Supersilk please ? . Before I buy online ( my local shop doesn't stock it ) is this the braid that is tricky to work with , i.e. the various strands get caught on rough parts of your fingers and it's prone to tangling and air knots ? . Thanks .
  20. Thanks fellas Your replies were helpful and interesting .
  21. Thanks for all the info. fellas , it's all very interesting , but a bit depressing as it sounds as like I spent season 2009/10 fishing for carp that weren't there ( despite what the bailiff said ) . Reading your replies Jazzo are you saying that ( freshwater ? ) otters would cross the River Deben from the Bawdsey side to the Felixstowe side ? . Isn't the Deben saltwater at that point , or does the saltwater only enter the river from the sea for a few hundred yards ?.
  22. Cheers Jazzo That's more or less what I feared . I fished there 3 seasons ago and it was good fishing , but the next season the majority of the larger carp just seemed to vanish . Oh well I guess I'll stay fishing where I am .
  23. Hi Has anyone been fishing at Loam pond this season , and if so how did you get on please ? .
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