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  1. Great advice guys thanks. I am going to try a helicopter rig on one rod and running lead on the other. @ianain That day was one in a million lol, definitely not an average day at that venue. I have no problem catching at commercials, but they mostly have smaller carp, its very rare to catch a double at these venues (the ones near me anyway).
  2. I believe most of the carp are in the 12lb - 20lb region. They are all old warriors, I don't think new fish have been stocked in it for years. The spot is firm silt, and I have been using inline leads...
  3. The fishery I have been visiting recently has 4 waters of a similar size, but none are very large. I have attached a pic. It is a very busy venue and people catch well, I don't know what the stocking is like though. There are plenty of "nuisance" species, Bream up to 10lb and Tench up to 7lb (the last time I went I caught a large tench on my snowman rig actually). I was fishing somewhere I know people catch Carp, top right pond along the treeline, I had lots of little knocks throughout the day but no takes. I have been carping for a few years now, I tend to fish in the week when it isnt very busy but I am told people have been catching by the bailiffs.
  4. I am really struggling this year, I have caught no Carp and i'm starting to think i'm wasting my time with it. I only fish day sessions which provides a big hurdle, what I really need to know is how much bait I should be using in this situation, how often I should be changing hook baits, and above all if i'm doing something wrong that could be ruining my chances. I usually only fish for 8 hours max, what I have been doing is putting in half a kilo of cell boilies and 12 - 15 balls of groundbait which consists of additional nuts and seed particles. I use size 6 hooks (the Korda pre-made ones, usually DF rigs), I switch hook baits between a single Cell bottom bait and a snowman with either a cell pop-up or a krill wafter on top. Am I doing something glaringly wrong here? Am I putting out too much bait/not enough?
  5. OK, I just couldn't figure out the size of bead needed, plus how it would be a safe rig should the main line snap? I prefer not to use a leader if possible to be honest, would it be possible to set up a similar system without one?
  6. I am wanting to duplicate a setup Ali used on Korda Underwater 8. He has an inline lead running up the leader but on the leader he has a bead, the lead hits the bead and acts as a shocker to help hook the fish. Im not sure how to set this up and make it safe. He says the bead is around the tungsten on the safe zone leader, does that mean the tungsten that is embedded inside the leader or has he put some tungsten putty around the leader? And how can the bead and lead come off if the mainline snaps? I have a picture of the rig:
  7. Yes its been a while, it seems ive spent more time catching and less time moaning about blanking I have looked at that pdf, that is how I came to choosing either Floor IT or Fox Illusion. I was actually wanting to use it on a feeder rod as my dad fishes commercials so a lot of the fish he catches are smaller. He needs some new line for christmas so figured I could get him some flurorcarbon. However, I am questioning myself now as some people say using it can put fish off, eg, if they bump into it and cant see it they can spook?
  8. I want to try some Flurocarbon mainline but im unsure what breaking strain to get as from what I gather they usually break below what they say on the packaging. I was looking at Fox Illusion, I can get 300m for £12.99. I normally have 8lb Daiwa Sensor on my rod which breaks around 10.75lb, but even at 10lb the Fox breaks at 7.88lb. I would need the 15lb line for it to break around the same as the Sensor. Would this be OK? I mean, if it is invisible in water the extra thickness shouldnt matter right? Another options is to go with Daiwa's Fluro (floorit Clear). Is this line any good?
  9. A few weeks ago I came across an article by a guy who has been carp fishing for 30 years. He regularly tests the water temperature by casting a thermometer out then quickly retrieving it and reading the temperature. In 30 years of carp fishing he has only ever caught 3 carp when the water temperature had dropped below 3.9'c. I personally am happy to go fishing if I think I have a good chance of catching, but I see no reason to sit out in freezing conditions if there is a very low chance of getting anything. Its just money down the drain when you consider costs of day tickets, bait, etc.
  10. I like the look of Maxima Chameleon, although its a dark line isnt it?
  11. My local lake was completely frozen over this morning apart from one bank which was full of people fishing in the only spot that hadn't frozen. Im sorry but you must be bonkers fishing in those conditions! Im pretty sure Carp wont feed at those temperatures anyway...
  12. I use floats rated between 2 - 4 bb shots in weight (no idea what gram that is, im quite new to float fishing actually so im just going by what my current floats have written on them). I would rather load the whole spool with fresh 6lb line instead of than messing around with leaders . The reel I have on my float road is still loaded with 6lb Sensor so I can use a 4lb hook link with this no problem. All I need to do is choose a new clear line as I dont believe you can buy the Gold Label stuff in 6lb.
  13. Anything from Crucian Carp, Tench and small Commons & Mirrors to Bream, roach and perch. I was thinking of simply using a light hook length if I wanted to target smaller fish like roach? I dont want to be continuously re-spooling my reel.
  14. OK cheers guys I will try clear line. I only have 8lb line at the moment though, I ordered 2 spools of Gold Label Pro Clear, 8lb for feeder rod and 16lb for Carp rod. Will the 8lb be ok for float fishing with? I have a Shimano Commercial float rod.
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