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  1. Bridge has'nt produced a fish since November last year always a hard place this time of year but then again its not easy in best of conditions.
  2. Which end or pegs fish best this time of year on st johns?
  3. Got told on my syndicate back in September that paul who owns the lake has thrown the club off as people were caught night fishing when its not allowed and fishing had been stopped
  4. Moorsey I hear what your saying I now only use rig tubing but as I have said no rig or leader is a 100% safe not even when fishing mainline straight through as the risk of flipping scales and cutting fins and the body of our fish is always there. There are pro and cons of both methods
  5. Sticks all the time, but if only i could afford the N-brice carbon pod i would have it for sure
  6. To be fair no rig or leader of any kind is 100% safe we use rigs leaders as what we see fit to be safe. Rigs/leaders are only death rigs if tied incorrectly its that simple.
  7. Im lucky enough to own a set as work was going well last year so i brought myself a set of the Aereo technuim mags xsb. They are without a doubt the best reels out there in terms of build looks and playing fish on you really wont believe it until you have a set so get em.
  8. no mate there's plenty of room dont forget the £10.00 joining fee you will have to pay as well as your day ticket if my memery serves me right its around £20 each for the first time but its been years since i fished it last
  9. Agreed Chris Bang on, nail on the head mate,, Anymore takers on the northern social?
  10. There loads mate you just ain't looking hard enough, With abit of homework a few manners to fellow fisherman, land owners and a certain google tool the gates can be unlocked if you try hard enough
  11. The list is endless mate i prefer straight from the freezer into a bucket with about an inch of water in the bottom adding the best green lip mussel from ccmoores and feedstim xp liquid along with ammino acids.. i do this 2 days before my session starts and then i'll more liquid etc as the session goes on.... Its a case of each to there own find ingrediants that you feel confident in!
  12. FROZEN You been to Quailty baits then Ross?
  13. hodzy and youngcarper94 PM coming for you both i hope it helps
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