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  1. It begs the question .. Are these people serious carpers? Asking questions in this manner. Or am I just stereotyping a novice carper who wants to catch. I'm not sure. Anyhow, I always offer my findings to all who ask, whether there any good or not depends on the asker !
  2. These thieves usually walk the lake first looking and sizing up victims. I try to take note of these and prepare myself for "what if" . Usually getting myself all worked up over nothing! But if it did happen , who knows ---it's fight or flight. ............. So glad I'm a runner! My life's worth more then my tackle.
  3. Fished there from early to late 90's. Plenty of carp to go at then biggest I had was 19 in 1997. So prob many big fish in there now. Don't fish there any more as it's far to busy for my liking. It was a great place to be when I fished there.
  4. There's a few of that type I'm afraid. They just get slaughtered. Security is a problem. I Can't help but feel vulnerable up there as your so isolated. Especially fishing the Nuneaton bank as I tend to do. It's a shame because its just what I wanted, low stock, unknown fish, hard fishing. 100 times better then pet fish in commercials ! But like I said seeswood is fast becoming less of a pull to me. Slaughtered anglers and local scumbags I can do without.
  5. Just got back from doing 2 nights. Think I spoke to you.(I've done 3 years 1 carp) that's me. Anyway reason for posting is my car was broke into and radio was stolen.! Scumbags, as for the fishing- blank. Seeswood is fast becoming a waste of time. I agree there are a couple of good carp in there.
  6. What a joke - pro otter or what? the otter will destroy our sport and it seems there's flip all we can do about it. Add to that the general public don't care for our plight either and it really is game over.
  7. That seems a bit strange; not taking new members. Most of the time the place is dead!. You mainly get 4/5 regulars, in there regular swims at weekends during summer.
  8. All right gaz I had similar problems when joining last year. The secretary works away for weeks on end. So it could be that mate.
  9. Ok thanks. How do i speak with welder. Sorry i'm useless with computers!
  10. Hello the lake is next to beaver metals in water orton. Does anyone have information about the place. Syndicate/ dayticket stock? Thank you.
  11. Ive fished it a few times and always struggled, more blanks then anything else. best of 3 carp in a day. i'm obviously doing something wrong.!
  12. hi all. has anyone fished here, what are your thoughts on the place? any info will be great thanks.
  13. hi all i've joined the birchmoor club and looking to fish the pretty pigs water, any advise on the best baits, rigs and tactics?. Also which swims to start with, as the place is huge by my standards and looks daunghting. any ideas of carp stock/size? i know its river fed and fish may move when the waters up, but surely some carp remain resident whatever?. Any information will be much appreciated. thanks
  14. anyone with info on seaswood pool nr nuneaton?. i know its a members only lake. havin driven past and saw bivies up, was wonderin about carp stock/size and general atmosphere of the place. thanks.
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