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  1. I got that feeling from just walking around the place. If it's defiantly a lake i wont be fishing alone, it'll be with a mate or not at all. I can't see why the owner hasn't done something about it before. It's a lovely lake it just needs a bit work done to it and he would attract a hell of lot more people down their.
  2. Very sorry to hear that mate! There was some 'chavy' types over the other side by the island the day i was their. playing drum and base, drinking and had nasty looking staffy tied up... Wish ive found this out before really as we've already sent off for a permit 2/3 weeks ago ahaha
  3. No worries matt. Ive been down twice this week asking around and got a lot of mixed reviews. One guy said don't bother ive been on here 3 years and had one carp!? Then the guy 3 pegs down from him said that this was his second year, he'd had two already and last year he had 8 fish to 27lb. And a bloke that's posted on another forum that he'd done even better and banked 12/13 fish from 6 mid week overnighters. Seems that there to be caught but you've got to put the work in to catch them. From what ive seen when ive been up the trees down the snag end theirs some nice looking fish in their. Looks a challenging place tbh, With most pegs not fish-able without waders, needs a lot of work doing to it IMO.
  4. Hiya lads, Anybody want to enlighten me on seeswood. I.e Stock levels and bait Also are the bream that big of a problem and whats that plank of would sticking out of the water at around 30 40 yards on the point?
  5. Nice fish malc, thanks for the advise guys
  6. Ive been fishing mainly bags with single hook baits, and firing freebies over the top
  7. Hi all, Just wondering if any of you had and tips for fishing the the Riddings. Favourite pegs? Bait? Ive only had one fish out which was a low 20 mirror and that was last year.
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