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  1. Bridge has'nt produced a fish since November last year always a hard place this time of year but then again its not easy in best of conditions.
  2. Which end or pegs fish best this time of year on st johns?
  3. Got told on my syndicate back in September that paul who owns the lake has thrown the club off as people were caught night fishing when its not allowed and fishing had been stopped
  4. Moorsey I hear what your saying I now only use rig tubing but as I have said no rig or leader is a 100% safe not even when fishing mainline straight through as the risk of flipping scales and cutting fins and the body of our fish is always there. There are pro and cons of both methods
  5. Sticks all the time, but if only i could afford the N-brice carbon pod i would have it for sure
  6. To be fair no rig or leader of any kind is 100% safe we use rigs leaders as what we see fit to be safe. Rigs/leaders are only death rigs if tied incorrectly its that simple.
  7. Im lucky enough to own a set as work was going well last year so i brought myself a set of the Aereo technuim mags xsb. They are without a doubt the best reels out there in terms of build looks and playing fish on you really wont believe it until you have a set so get em.
  8. Chris sorry mate had pc troubles message for you i will send payment in morning if a place is still open i have ha pc troubles i have inboxed you with my number please call or text to confirm
  9. No Mention of Korda yet whats going on I have to say korda stow indicators i cant believe i sold my delkim nitelites to buy them what a complete numpty i was Oh the next thing is carp fishing dvds dont get me wrong i love em but how depressing are they when you cant go fishing as you may tell i have been indoors all weekend God Dam that Dragons got to go
  10. stunning catch there Ian MMMMMMmmmmmmm Grenville you lucky lucky man Very observant Chris, you get a bonus point if you can tell me the peg number Like i said you're a lucky man i love the look and everthing i hear about this place im sure the record will come from here in the future those fish are awesome and packing it on like theres no tomorrow. I only wish my dragon would let me go on the waiting list Peg wise im not a 100% sure but if i go 11 to 15 what would you say
  11. stunning catch there Ian MMMMMMmmmmmmm Grenville you lucky lucky man
  12. 40lb 7oz Welcome to the best forum i have found some great lads on here who love good banter Enjoy!
  13. Is there anyone from wales coming i could do with a nice young Lamb im fed up with mutton everynight Her indoors ain't going to like this comment but im just being honest
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