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  1. Cracking week! Thanks again to Nige for organising and inviting us onto your little slice of heaven. To the rest of the boys, a pleasure to share the bank with you all again. It's been a while since I posted on here...happy to do it in the way of a catch report! 31lb 2oz Shropshire beaut at 2.30am on the first night followed just 15 minutes later to the rod 3-4 yards to the left at 28lb 10oz
  2. This was good news Nige! I look forward to hosting some socials with whoever's up for a bit of canal carping. Phil, would love to pop up and see the girls. Very kind of you to potentially offer a colony, too, but I couldn't take them off your hands after you've just got them through the winter. As for Nige's tea duties, you can keep them!!
  3. Evening lads, In four weeks I'll be moving to a nice little cottage in a tiny village called Purton, just north of Berkeley in Gloucestershire. I've not really had the rods out since I moved to Bristol around two and a half years ago but that's about to change as the canal will be literally just over the road from my front door, around 15 meters away! Canal carping will be new to me, and there's not much online giving away what's lurking in the Gloucester and Sharpness canal aside from lots of bream and perch except from a couple of YouTube clips showing carp feeding on bread in the marina which 'can't be fished...' Does anyone have experience, knowledge or info on what can be found in this particular canal? Cheers, Bunn
  4. Another social down! Sorry I couldn't make it yesterday lads, we had a last minute trip to hospital to visit my partners Nan. She's fine; had a hip replacement on Thursday. Was looking forward to a good catch up! Next time... Well in Phil and David! Just goes to show that putting the effort into a move can really pay off.
  5. Think I've been to one or two since then. That was an experience though! Of what I can remember, at least.
  6. It's been so long since I've been on a social - hoping that I'm not classed as a born again virgin. I know Nige has always wanted to get his hands on me!
  7. Blimey Mick, I'm so sorry to hear that. Thinking of you and all the family. That space will be kept for you, you might find a few nights on the bank with the boys is exactly what you need in a couple of weeks! Go easy mate, I'm sure everyone on here will join me in telling you that you can let any of us know if you need anything.
  8. I may try to head over for a night - would be good to see you horrible lot again!
  9. Thanks mate! Much appreciated!
  10. Ha! I was thinking that....but then I thought nooo it's not. It would take a heartless soul not to like that picture and story!
  11. Hello lads! Hope you're all well! I never win anything, so I've just posted my Kingfisher picture in a small Baitworks competition...if you fancy helping me win £25 worth of bits from them, please like the picture on https://www.facebook.com/baitworks/posts/469150536521277?comment_id=469185909851073&notif_t=like Hopefully that link is allowed!
  12. Nige's fear of anything with wings has provided me with many many hours of entertainment over the last five or six years!
  13. Nige and I were on a syndicate in the Cotswolds right on the edge of the water park. You'd usually be the only one fishing on a fair size bit of land, surrounded by fences. I heard some pretty strange noises during my time there, but Nige had the best story haha. Maybe he'll be on to tell it as it was another instance where he nearly messed his pants.
  14. Get yourself down tomorrow dan with me and guy......talking to nathen yesterday and he was saying its really quiet so we wont have any bother getting on......couple of hours and that'll be me finished work Cant wish i could ive promised the kids il take them the safari park!! so please will you lot stay off my roof and leave my aireal alone P.S Weathers been banging today Gotta agree Dan it's the 1st day for a LONG time I've walked the dog home from work in a t-shirt and jumper (wind was still cold tho) .... Temps dropping now tho I think I'm all sorted bar food and booze ...... Work is going to drag tommorow I mowed the lawn And you were naked!
  15. There's only 3 options Haha! Another vote for Chocolate in that case! But any would be more than welcome. Cheers Helen xx And seen as I can no longer make it, and Nige being on a diet...could you send me his bit in the post?
  16. Unbelievable read, need more like this...any recommendations?
  17. I have the fox black label ears. They are aluminium that has an anodised black coating, never had a problem.
  18. I have snag ear on my atts alarms. My syndicate is fairly tight and snaggy in places, and the ears give me peace of mind for when I can't point my rods at my spots. I tend to leave them on even when I'm not fishing in these circumstances because I cannot be bothered to unscrew them just so that I don't upset someone else. If something like this really bothers you then you have issues. Why take them off if they aren't getting in the way?
  19. I'm thinking this is either American or Canadian? If so, they don't have the same kind of fishing and handling styles so could be forgiven for not having known any better. Definately something for him to think about.
  20. They'll probably change it to a licence per rod You say this like its a bad thing? Is that what you want? 3 licences to fish 3 rods instead of two, or two licences for two rods instead of one? If the option was for one license per rod, at a price comparable to our current license halved then surely everyone is a winner?
  21. They'll probably change it to a licence per rod You say this like its a bad thing?
  22. A much more simple explanation there Nicely done Frank
  23. No question is a silly question!! There are a couple of ways to do it, both are nice and simple, though take a bit of getting used to when you've only used a bait runner before. Obviously unless fishing a tight line with no slack and a tight clutch due to fishing near snags as such, you will have loosened off your clutch in order for the fish to take line and 'run'. The first way to lift into the fish, and the method I use, is to lift the rod out of the rests, tighten up the clutch just enough to set the hook but still allow the fish to continue its run with resistance and a good bend in the rod. The second way is once you have lifted your rod out of the rests, hold your spool with your free/reel hand whilst lifting into the fish and setting the hook, then adjusting the clutch without fully letting go of the spool. If you do let go of the spool before you have tightened up your clutch you may lose and resistance which could lose you the fish, or end up with a birds nest as such. Hopefully this makes sense, hard to do on a phone as opposed to a computer or laptop!
  24. Thanks for organising Neil mate! I blame you for my bad head.
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