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  1. I wouldnt use any other hook than a size 10. I match my hooks to the size of bait im using, irrespective of what size fish im after. I would rather have balanced tackle than something that doesnt look right, i think its down to confidence.


    My old man says im too much of a perfectionist but what can you do?

  2. What gets me is that, anglers always blame their rigs if they are not catching. When i expect is its not their rig, its their location that is all wrong. Get your location right whilst fishing with a decent bait and im positive that 90% of the time you will catch with a standard, simple knotless knot arrangement.


    And that is a fact!


    When anglers have to resort to tying the flashy rigs with all the whistles and bells on it (which the majority of the time have been devised for a certain fish, in a certain lake, for a certain fishing situation), then maybe they should think again about trying to be fishermen :wink:

  3. adamk.....just noticed your "location"........not conducive to getting any further with your fishing :wink:


    in your long carping career (both years :lol::lol: ) did it occur to you to try humble as an approach???? :roll::roll::roll: twonk


    PMSL :lol:


    I saw this last night and thought the same..... sort of. I cant type what i actually shouted at the screen though. It wasnt pretty i give you that :wink:

  4. And of course to protect the fish from the line lifting scales or causing other damage.


    Thats an argument in itself. I have never had a scale lift off when not using tubing. You dont use tubing for your floater fishing and no one says anything about that.

  5. I cant see it working TBH cos upon ejection, the boilie will blow out first which will take the hook out of the mouth bend first.


    But you never know, you may catch one or two on it but if you dont, i wouldnt persevere with it.

  6. Tony, I agree in principle but it's a bit of a sweeping statement mate from someone who's not been out there...


    Thats why i said this.....


    I know all anglers are not the same




    fair cop guv :)


    Gap, one scenario that has always made me think which i would like your own point of view on is, just say a particular water in the UK that angler (A) fishes only holds fish to for arguments sake carp to mid twenties. Then do you think if he had a fishing holiday to France for a week and he was lucky to catch a 50, do you think that capture will take something away from his fishing in the UK?


    I mean UK waters that hold 50lb carp (not regarding Bluebells of course) can be a closed shop and very hard to get on. So really this guys UK fishing might never come close to it. Do you think that this would take his enjoyment away from it in some way because he would always be after bigger fish from then on? And catching doubles and mid twenties just wouldnt be enough for him!

  7. Fishing in France or anywhere else abroad has never really appealed to me that much to the extent where ive thought "i must go". I know all anglers are not the same, but the calibre of anglers fishing in France on videos from YouTube etc are nothing short of idiots TBH. Their tackle and experience of bigger fish and bigger, snaggier waters seems woefully inadequate.


    I bet some of these "fly by night instant carp anglers who want a 50" have not even caught a twenty yet in the UK. Its a disaster waiting to happen in you ask me :(


    Maybe one day i will venture over the sea to fish, but at the moment im happy where i am.

  8. If you want my two penneth then what i do is take a good length of bait floss, take it through the rig ring then tie a slip knot. Put your pop up into this knot then tie tighten the knot down to the ring on your hook. Tie a couple of overhand knots in the bait floss, trim the tag ends then burn them with a lighter. The pop up will be totally secure and withstand a good cast to the horizon :wink:

  9. Dan, my combi rigs are usually made of Korda IQ (the standard stuff, not the Extra Soft) and ESP Sinklink braid. Here are the 3 i usually use.....


    The top one is my normal hooking arrangement using a 5" Armaled Kik Bak Clear 'n' Green link when fishing over hardish clay and clear gravel spots. The 1" section above the hook is stripped to aid a bit of movement.


    The middle link is for a normal bottom bait arrangement and utilises the Korda and braid as described above and the bottom rig is the same but that is used for pop ups 2 " above the deck - note the rig ring instead of the normal hair - cos i like to tie my pop ups on :wink:


    You will notice that all these links incorporate a line aligner of Korda shrink tube :wink:



  10. Its a Private not well known new syndicate. and was just wondering if anyone elses fishes thier becuase i havent been thier since October and was wondering how it was fishing becuase im planning a 48hour session soon...must be mad in this weather


    Well you are not gonna catch them bud sitting at home :wink:


    But like Nick says, can you be more specific about the location etc? You may get more replies that way.





    Sorry was i SHOUTING?


    I will be quiet from now on i promise :wink:

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