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  1. is it just me or is that shocker rig with the inline with insert taken out on leadcore or tubing with a backstop behind lead not just a bit feckin stupid i'd of thought they'd of seen it before use


    I thought the same matey as well. Personally i do like the look of the rig but surely if the mainline parted then the stop bead would stop the lead from discharging from the rig?


    But then again you could say the same about the helicopter/chod rigs!


    I've heard of pva sticks taking a while to dissolve because they have been made in advance and the oil soaks into he pva thus slowing the dissolve rate down but this takes the biscuit:eek: :D


    That happened to me the first time i made them. I made a handful up in advance and i threw one in the margins to check how long it took to dissolve and it was well over 20 minutes. Not good really so i make all mine up now as and when i need them!

  3. well the longer ur hair the harder it is for a carp to eject the bait so i tend to use a longer hair but i normaly stick with a gud old 360 rig with a sliding ring does the bizness 4 me


    What is the 360 rig mate?

  4. Thats terrible mate. I can only assume that its what everyone says, just a bad batch.


    The other week i was fishing with the same stuff and the water temp was quite cold, i made a stick up and threw it in the margins where i could see how long it melted. It took 4 mins before it started to dissolve and within 7 minutes it was all gone.


    Just a bit of completely useless information there but it gives everyone a rough guide to how long the stuff takes to melt.

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