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  1. surely adding putty or shot to the hair defeats the object of criticaly balancing a rig, i thought that you ballanced the hook with the bait so that the bait and your rig pick up off the botom easier than the freebies around it when a carp feeds over it, wouldnt the wheight on the hair have an adverse affect to this as it is the shot that anchors the bait rather than the hook so then the rig acts the same as just using a bottom bait ????


    i dont know if i have worded that well but i hope you can see what i am trying to say :?


    Sometimes the weight of the hook isnt enough to sink the bait especially if you use just a pop up on its own. If you put the weight on the hair and have it balanced such that it only just sinks, then this has the same effect of using a snowman arrangement with a trimmed down pop up on a whole bottom bait.

  2. Tony how much do you wanna pay me?

    If i want a medusa popped up or to zig rig with a medusa then this is how i go about it but with varring sizes of rig foam rather than a polyball ,depending on how bouyant i need it to be.

    Takes no longer than sticking them to a cork ball and i find that i have a lot more confidense knowing there is no glue anywhere near my rig.


    If i don't need it popped up then it is just as many maggots that i can fit onto some baitfloss then tied to a d-ring.


    Im just sitting here trying to figure out how you can actually sew 10 - 20 odd maggots onto a polyball. I honestly just cant see it. It will be a new one on me when i get shown that, thats for sure :)

  3. Mix them both. I regulary use a combi rig of IQ with an inch section of braid next to the hook. That way you have the best of both worlds. The invisibility and anti tangle properties of the flouro and the suppleness of the braid when the carp takes the bait.

  4. i'm totally baffeld (excuse the poor spelling) by leaders and i really wanna try using them because i don't think i'm concealing my rigs enough. can anyone give me any advice???


    The more things you put on the end of your line, the more obtrusive your end tackle will become. The sooner your end tackle can get onto your mainline, the less it will be likely to be seen by the fish.

  5. Yeah, me too, there was a guy on here a while ago who used to dive, and look at his rigs, you'd learn so much from it!


    I think that was welder :?


    I would love to see mine cos you would know instantly what you need to do to make your end tackle 'unseen' without having to guess at it.

  6. i dont see the need to use 6s or 8s the smaller the better within reason ive used 10s in the summer now i will use a korda longshank x 12


    I agree with you here. I cant see any reason why anyone should scale down for their winter fishing anyway. Ive always used a hook size that matches the size of my bait so if im using a piece of Peperami, a mini tiger, a grain of maize, a chick pea or a boilie no bigger than 12mm, then i use a size 10 hook. If im using a 15mm boilie a size 8 and a 18mm boilie or bigger then a size 6. I practice this method for 12 months of the year and 65 percent of my fishing this year has been done with a size 10 hook


    Considering during winter i prefer to use smaller baits it will be generally a size 10 hook i use anyway.

  7. But, I'm fishing with a fluouro leader, so if all the stuff about light refraction is true, this will be less unobtrusive than the mainline, even if it is sitting up off the bottom


    Yes i can see your thinking here so who knows?


    Lets be honest, the only way any of us are gonna know how our leaders look on the bottom is to don a pair of flippers and air tanks and dive down to actually look at them ourselves.


    Which has to be said i would love to do.

  8. Good point Tony, but surely, if the leader was off the bottom, then the mainline would be off the bottom aswell, because unless you're using a fluoro mainline the leader will be more dense, so sink better than the mainline anyway?Of course, I may be wrong :wink:


    The mainline will always come off the bottom at some point, its got to. But i feel a mainline is a lot more unobtrusive than a leadcore leader or rig tubing, so the sooner you can get onto it the better. Plus there is nothing wrong with putting on a small flying back lead and dotting down your leader with a few dots of putty.


    As long as the fish can feed around your bait and not get spooked by your line then its all good IMO.




    In winter i tend not to fish flying back leads at all, im fishing for liners. As long as i know there are fish in the area then that will help your confidence. I dont mind blanking in winter, TBH we all must expect more blanks than successful sessions but as long as i go home knowing i was fishing an area that the fish where in then thats much better than sitting all day next to motionless indicators thinking 'Was i even on the fish in the first place'?

  9. I've actually just set up one of my rods with a fluoro leader, but, I've used a rodlength of fluoro, my thought being the more of it there is, the more subtle the end set up will be. I know what you're thinking, that'll be expensive, but I found a spool of the rigmarole flurocarbon that I got at a show, they were doing 3 spools for £10


    The only problem I can think of, is the abrasion resistance, if fishing snaggy lakes fluoro might not be the best


    I prefer to keep my leaders as short as possible Sam. It makes me laugh when you see anglers use 5 foot lengths of leadcore, you know its gonna be so obvious and to keep a leader as long as this on the deck you are going to need a clear, flat 5 foot plus area on the lake bed. Just how many lake beds do you know are completely flat and clear?


    Not many i would guess.

  10. Ive seen combi rigs made the same way with IQ and braid featured in the mags. Julian Cundiff wrote about them 2 winters back and he was using pop ups for bait. The putty was on the join between the IQ and braid and because of the stiffness of the IQ, it ensured that the hook was at the correct angle to catch the inside of the carps bottom lip every time.

  11. i saw this rig in a mag recently was thinking about giving it a go, you had much result on it?


    You saw it in a mag? Ive been doing it this way for the past 18 months. I expect the angler in question claimed it was all his idea as well :roll: When in truth, its common sense really.


    I have caught one or two on it but then again its hard when the nuisance fish in my water smash your maggots to pieces inside 20 minutes.

  12. Spudder forget the rest and try the best maggot rig going.


    1. Tie a micro rig ring onto some braid.

    2. Tie a knotless knot with the rig ring about 15mm from the bend of a size 10 hook so it looks like a standard hair rig but instead of a loop for your boilie stop, you have a rig ring in its place.

    3. Thread about 6 - 10 maggots onto a needle.

    4. Take a length of dental floss and put it through the eye of the needle and ease the maggots onto the floss.

    5. Tie the floss onto the rig ring on your hooklink with a few overhand knots.

    6. Trim the floss and burn the tag ends.


    Job done, i hope that helps.

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