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  1. But I do try hard on presenting my thoughts on forums such as this so people can easily understand what I am trying to say.


    When the medium you are using is utterly dominated by the written word, I feel the least I can do is to try and make the posts as pleasant and readable as possible.


    Seems only fair to me.


    Thats all well and good but its only a forum and the normal run of the mill, well punctuated English with proper spelling will suffice. You are not writing an eassy for an English literature A level test paper :roll:


    I would suggest, as time goes on, My Brown's works will slowly drift out of print and be found only in second hand book stalls; whereas Tolstoy will remain "regarded as among the greatest of European novelists".


    Ive heard of Tolstoy, have i read any of his work..... no! Because if i had to read 150 words of a book just to understand something that can be written in 15 words then im sorry, that doesnt interest me at all.


    Yes i agree it will be beautifully written, but thats not the sort of thing i would like to read. Now im not saying because of that, that makes me thick or stupid, its just something like that doesnt float my boat.


    The reason I posted on this thread was that Mr Dan Brown was getting good press when he very clearly does not deserve it.


    Well he must be doing something right cos his books sell by the shed loads and TBH, your post above, quite frankly sounds like a bit of jealousy on your part.


    Of course everyone is entitled to their own likes and opinions, but you really should believe me when I say that Dan Brown's work is poor; even if you enjoy it.


    Yes and i can take on board your opinion but once again, trying to MAKE us believe in your opinion is the right one is a bit too much to take.


    I dont read much, i find it hard to find the time. In fact i very rarely read novels but i read Angels and Demons on the strength of The Da Vinci Code because i enjoyed that, and once again i enjoyed this book as well, if not more. If an author can keep my head in a book till the conclusion then thats all good and is all im looking for, the author has done his job well IMO.


    If you dont like Dan Brown, or this novel..... then thats upto you, i couldnt give a damn either way. But all i was trying to do was write a review on a book that kept me entertained because im sure someone else would enjoy the book just as i did. But for then to have my thoughts torn apart by some jumped up would be writer who then tries to compare Dan Brown to a so called "great" like Tolstoy is a tad over the top IMO. Its along the same lines as trying to compare a Sunday League football player to Pele.


    Im certain Dan Brown would himself would say hes not in the same class as Tolstoy, but then again, would he lose sleep over that? I very much doubt it cos im certain thats not his objective in the first place. He is writing excellent, easy to read and understandable novels with fantastic storylines..... and hes getting paid for it. Which is what a lot of todays authors are doing :roll:

  2. I am sorry to have to say this Tony - Dan Brown is popular novelist, but he can't write for toffee. Just like the Mills and Boon crowd.


    I rarely read fiction (mainly because I am continually disappointed), but I was caught in an airport one time, so I did read The Da Vinci Code.


    The writing is dreadful. He has not the slightest conception of how to construct fluid and balanced sentences; he is wooden, stilted, and his style (such as it is) is closer to Janet and John than to any author of merit.


    He has a good eye for a story - but he can't write!




    Well thats obviously your opinion and you are welcome to it, im not gonna sit here and write something to try and get you to see my point of view cos thats pointless.


    But all i know is that i think he is a damn good author and both of his novels that i have read have hit the spot with me. Like Beza has said, i also found it hard to put both books down once i started reading them so for me, thats all i expect from a book. Im not looking for anything else TBH.


    I know you see yourself as a wonder with a pen and the English language, some of your threads bare witness to that and like i said you are welcome to your opinion, but failed writers see themselves has good critics IMO.


    If and when you get anything published yourself be sure to let me know..... cos i will be right here on the edge of my seat waiting to read it :wink:


    And by the way.....


    To give you an example - a chap could say:


    "Ta very much. Im grateful to ya".


    Or he could say:


    "It is not a thing for which one can render formal thanks in formal words. I store it in the treasure-house of my heart. I keep it there as a secret debt that I am glad to think I can never possibly repay. It is embalmed and kept sweet by the myrrh and cassia of many tears. When wisdom has been profitless to me, philosophy barren, and the proverbs and phrases of those who have sought to give me consolation as dust and ashes in my mouth, the memory of that little, lovely, silent act of love has unsealed for me all the wells of pity: made the desert blossom like a rose, and brought me out of the bitterness of lonely exile into harmony with the wounded, broken, and great heart of the world."

    The message is basically the same; but the writing in the first example is boorish, whereas in the second it is profoundly beautiful!


    Thats all very good, but if i wanted to read War and Peace i would.

  3. right then.do you fish this water often or plan to go around the swims when you can and get a rought idea of what the lake bed is like then tye all your rigs in the varietys .so then when you next go to fish you have a rig for every peg in that lake


    And why would you want to go to the hassle of doing that? Surely it is best to choose a certain hooklink material in a certain length for a certain bottom you are fishing over (taking into account your baiting pattern and the actual bait you are using) on the given day.


    Apart from my choddies, i do not tie my rigs at home anymore. I get to the swim i choose, decide what bait im fishing with and the bottom im fishing over then tie a rig to suit the situation.


    I feel doing it that way you are more flexible in your approach.

  4. as you may or may not know, i did a tuition session recently and this was the way that i was told to put single fake corn on the hair :wink: !


    When i fish over spod with particles i sometimes use an artificial piece of corn on the hair and i also put it on the hair length ways. I do it with normal cooked maize as well because i think it lays better on the bottom.


    Whether it does make a difference i do not know but im more confident when i set it up like that.

  5. A 23lb 8oz fish is a very good PB to have. Im sure there are anglers that have been fishing much longer than you that havent got a PB like that but im sure that all they are interested in is that they still enjoy their fishing and if a new PB comes along, then they will accept it when it comes.


    So whats the rush?


    Now this isnt aimed at you in particular but i blame the magazines that seem to put pressure on anglers that only the "biggest is the best". After all, apart from a young child showing off their first carp, when was the last time you saw a single or a low double in the press? Not for a while and if ever.


    Simply because that doesnt sell copies of the magazines.

  6. I cant see how anyone can go fishing with pre-conceived ideas anymore! I used to fall into that trap then wonder what you are doing wrong when you dont catch.


    You are using 2 pieces of artificial corn. I admit thats a good hookbait but then you ask what hooklink to put it on? How can we answer that when we dont know the nature of the lakebed? Surely that is the sole factor for deciding what hooklink on the day is best to use for the given spot in your swim?

  7. i already know rigs that work well for me and i use them all the time as im not so sure theres much point in using complicated methods yet why do all the mags and books suggest it?


    First off well done to you for sticking to your guns and having faith in your approach to constructing your rigs and like yourself i do agree that we sometimes over complicate things. Some of these "wonder rigs" are designed by the angler in question to catch one certain fish in one certain scenario.


    Now to your question on why do the mags and books suggest complicated rigs..... its because maybe the angler writing the article is sponsored by a certain tackle manufacturer and the more bits and bobs he endorses, the more the angler reading the article will go out buy the said components thus lining the manufacturers pocket :wink:


    Regarding the hooks, each different pattern of hook is suited to a fishing certain situation. Some people use different hook patterns for fishing bottom baits, pop ups, chod rigs etc.

  8. There is 3 lakes, but the 3rd is more of a match type of venue. The season ticket you are on about only allows you to fish days only from dawn till dusk. Night fishing is exclusively for the syndicate members and like i said, that ticket costs £200.


    And yes, Belvoir Castle is a beautiful place to angle.


    I am also from Leicester and i have a few club waters around Leicester which i wet a line in occasionally but the mainstay of my fishing is in Northamptonshire :D

  9. Ok, its a bit pedantic i know but Belvoir Castle is not in Grantham, its in Woolsthorpe :wink:


    Righto the details. AJS Fisheries run it, the night syndicate which allows you to fish 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if you wish costs £200. There are 2 lakes on this ticket, the Upper and Lower and they are both around 12 acres in size.


    Dont expect massive fish, the biggest ive had from both the Upper and the Lower lake where just over 19lbs but i do know that low to mid twenties in both have been caught. IMO i think this is a definate gem of a venue for the future cos give it 5 years when the fish should have grown on a bit more then it could throw up some thirties. The only problem is that the main stay of the fish are Simmo strain. But one thing that i will say is that the venue is an amazingly gorgeous place to fish. The lakes are in a valley with Belvoir Castle looking over you and the lakes and the grounds where built by Capability Brown no less. There is only 3 or 4 street lights from the village that you can see, there are no main roads near you and the only sound you can hear is total silence apart from the waterfall behind the dam wall on the Lower lake.


    Being as its an estate lake, its predominantly silty bottomed and shallow. The deepest areas ive found where around 6 foot in depth.


    I would definately recommend it mate!

  10. I suspect Angels and Demons, the film, will fall short of the book, as did the Da Vinci Code, although I usually find most films do.


    And it does, i saw the film tonight.


    I was a tad disappointed about the film to be honest. Its good, but it has been loosely based on the novel and i feel it leaves out quite a few of the key moments that feature in the book. But then again i suppose you must expect that. It must be hard for a filmaker to condense 600 odd pages of a very well written novel into just over a 2 hour film.


    Its still a very well made film though 8)

  11. I already have some Fox braided hair rigs, which i have faith in( never had a problem with them).


    Then instead of buying them, use the cash to get your own materials and tie your own. That way you will not be limited to the set length of the hooklink or hair of the hooklinks you are buying and you will be able to tailor your own hooklinks to any fishing situation you come across.

  12. Ok lets get one thing straight mate and im not having a dig at you personally ok?. Im sure you have an enthusiasm for carp angling and i take it at the moment your mind is like a sponge for information so you are grabbing anything to read up on the subject, either from the internet or the monthly magazines.


    Now please DONT be swayed by the magazines by thinking that you need the most complicated rig imaginable to catch a carp..... You dont. And i would seriously think again about paying for people to make your hooklinks for you. A part of angling is doing these "basic" things yourself. If you dont do them, how are you going to learn?


    Goto your local tackle shop, buy a good braided hooklink material and a packet of decent hooks and learn the knotless knot. It is very easy to tie and if your knots fail then you only have yourself to blame.

  13. With the motion picture being released just this week i decided to get the "heads up" so to speak on the storyline by reading the book first before i went to see the film. I did this with another one of Dan Browns novels, The Da Vinci Code and im glad i did cos even though the film is very good, the book is so much better.


    Ok back to Angels & Demons.


    I finished the book this morning and just like the Da Vinci Code, Dan Browns' writing style leaves you with a lot of questions until the last few chapters where everything falls into place just like a jigsaw and makes for such compelling reading that you really cant put the book down. I found myself saying, 'One more chapter', 'One more chapter' until you just have to finish the book.


    Once again like The Da Vinci Code, the character Robert Langdon who is a Symbologist features heavily in the storyline and he is summoned to CERN at Geneva to investigate a death of a scientist who has been "branded" with an ancient ambiagram before he was robbed of a destructive new substance called 'antimatter'. Obviously i dont want to say too much and ruin the book for others but the storyline then unfolds and takes him onto Rome where he has to use his expertise in tracking down a so called 'Hassassin' supposedly hired by an ancient cult who call themselves the 'Illumnati' who are threatening to destroy the Vatican with this 'antimatter'.


    Its a fantastic book and i would definately highly recommend it :D

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