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New Syndicate Lake - Hampshire

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LOL - constructive criticism at it's best. I can think of a couple of 2 acre lakes in that area that would be a right result if they went from club (hundreds of members) to syndicate - for a sensible membership fee.


I've been a member of quite a few syndicates with less pegs than that and over 50 members - not a big deal if you pitch the time on/time off rules right.

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I am trying to basically set up a syndicate membership on a lake that has some great fish in it. I could just keep it for myself, but I want other people to have the opportunity to fish it. I know it will not make me a ton of money, but ideally I want it to cover its cost`s. Having a max of 10 members would make the cost to the 10 far too high! How much is a fair price to ask each member? I don`t want people who would not respect the lake and fish, so thats why I don`t want it as a day ticket venue! Any answers/ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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Maybe you could do a bit of market research on other “similar” syndicates, see what they charge to fish their water? And how many members they have? Might give you a better idea on price/numbers.


Don’t forget, there are people who are prepared to pay good money to get in a decent syndicate, especially one with such quality fish, so I wouldn’t automatically assume that “price x” is too expensive…


Also... and this isnt always true... but the more money people have invested in the syndicate, the more likely they are too look after it and respect it (no one wants to pay all that money and then loose their place over litter/unsafe rigs etc)

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i was speaking to someone who is on a syndicate on a similar size lake

near to me. he said they have 15 on it but around 9 of them rarely fish it

but always keep their place because there is some lovely fish in there.

i think he said they pay around £300 a year.

where abouts is your lake?. im very interested, let me know if something

comes up

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Hi all.  I'm looking for a syndicate lake in the hampshire area. I am a pure fish addict so looking for beautiful fish which are looked after by anglers and owners alike.  Don't get too many chances to go fishing but looking for a quality venue.  Please contact me with any suggestions.  Thanks

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