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  1. help needed on any of the furnace lakes they seem to have a lot of fish in lakes but dont seem to be meny coming out so any advise would be good thanks
  2. andover but will go an hour or two drive thanks
  3. thanks for that do you know of any other good clubs in that area
  4. hi looking at membership but seen bad reports about to meny members and cant get on to fish now they have some more lakes is this still a problum any help or info would be good or to here from a member would be good thanks
  5. dose anyone know anything about these alarms just seen video on youtube and look very good
  6. dose anyone have these alarms and are they any good thanks
  7. has this lake been sold and under new ownership thanks
  8. Been looking at winter suits eg tundra, prologic 2piece , and ice burg can any one recommend a winter suit for around £100 many thanks
  9. just got the 2 man today and very good bivvy but so big at 3meters and 25 acroos and 295 front to back and 168 high big or what
  10. Cyprinus Cyprimax Breathable Carp Fishing 2 Man Bivvy Shelter has anyone got one and are they any good thanks
  11. Angling Intelligence Super Lite Twin Skin Bivvy anyone got one or nows anything about these thanks
  12. bruce ashby v Harrison Torrix Carp Rods which is best thanks
  13. any info would be good eg any good for long distance hoe bright are the isotopes got gardner bugs and isotopes are not very bright many thanks
  14. hi has anyone fished lakes 4 or 7 any help on fish stock or info on these lakes would b good thanks
  15. PROLOGIC POLYPHONIC . has anyone used these alarms or the usb prologic alarms would like to know there thoughts and good and bad points thanks for any help
  16. New Wychwood Solace Advance Peak Bivvy with Overwrap dose anyone know if these bivvy are any good any info would be good thanks
  17. hi just look at the shimano xta spood reel which is 5.3.1 ratio and it dose 119cm of line per turn of handle but still dont get what 5,3,1 stands for
  18. hi could someone help me with gear ratio on carp reels eg some are 5.1.1 or 4.8.1 . i know that the first number is more line per turn but i dont get what the second number means any help would be good
  19. dose anyone have these reels and what do u think of them thanks
  20. hi do all the swims fish the same or do some swims fish alot better than others and what bait works there thanks
  21. Bruce Ashby Perimeter Carp Rods. 13ft 3.5tc dose anybody know anything about these rods are they any good help please and thanks
  22. Nick Buss built Century X2C 12' 3.25lb - 50mm dose any body now if this rod is any good for distance work. and the centry fs has any one got these rods thanks
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